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YUECHAO Kegel Balls – Massager Ben Wa Balls for Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of YUECHAO Kegel Balls – Massager Ben Wa Balls for Women.

  •  Powerful 10 Vibration Modes:Crafted with 10 different settings,this kegel balls can provide you with the most intense stimulation and satisfaction through remote control,training your pelvic muscles effectively.Apart from being used as a pelvic muscles exerciser,it can be a personal massage balls as well.
  •  Doctor Recommented:Kegel Excercise Balls are meant to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles,improve bladder control and enhance vaginal elasticity,enabling an easier pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.30 minutes a day and just a few short weeks,you’ll feel the difference.
  •  Wireless and Remote Control:Compared with other similar products,this cordless massage ball has a longer control distance,whose effective distance ranges from 20 meter to 30 meters.Charging it with usb cable about one hour,then you can enjoy it about 50 minutes.
  •  Body Safe Material:This pleasure ball is made of premium medical silicone,which is Hypoallergenic, Phlalate, BPA-Free, Dioxin, Latex Free and the highest levels of quality and safety. The surface of it is silky smooth and soft,waterproof and easy to clean.
  •  MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED:we are very confident in the quality, durability and efficacy of the kegel ball. For this reason, we have provided a 60 DAYS money-back guarantee. If this is not enough, we will also provide you with a one-year warranty.In addition,it comes in a discreet box,no one will know what it is except yourself.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on YUECHAO Kegel Balls – Massager Ben Wa Balls for Women.How can YUECHAO Kegel Weights Set Benefit Me? Strengthen Pubococcygeus muscles(PC muscles).Increase blood flow and nerve supply to pelvic region.Restoration of vaginal muscle tone and improved vaginal health.Increase thickness of the vaginal-wall and lubrication after menopause.Prevention and treatment of urinary stress incontinence.Recover from physical stress of childbirth. Why Is It Recommended By Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists? Strengthens & tones the pelvic floor at any age, particularly after childbirth. Strengthens & tones the pelvic floor at any age, particularly after childbirth. Use as little as 15 minutes a day. 100% discreet, membrane friendly and comfortable. BPA, Plastic and Latex Free -100% Medical Grade Silicone. Progressive weights, great for beginners & advanced. Ergonomic design,safe and durable. Read more 10 Frequency Modes, Easily Regain Bladder Control & Tightness Wireless Remote Control the Ben Wa balls to Makes it Easier to Use. You can feel the difference in your body every day using the Kegel fitness ball for 15 minutes/day.Both the product and the remote control have 10 sport modes that can be selected according to your needs.Wireless remote control easily controls kegel exercise weights Read more Unique Design & Premium Quality Made Silicone made kegel balls are softer and can be squeezed for added resistance. By inserting the kegal balls into the vagina, you have to contract the PC muscles to hold them in. Added to that, the moving weight inside the ball can help exercise the target muscles evenly.The movement of the body also rotates the balls around causing stimulation for some women.Thus it’s recommended that users work with kegel weights when doing other exercises like yoga, pilates, brisk walks,etc. kegel balls for tighting 10 Different Frequency Modes Offer You More Options, Making the Kegel Exercise More Interesting. kegel balls is the Kegel Exercise System to regain strength, tightness and bladder control with real time biofeedback via its interactive. Based on Kegel exercise theory system and physic scientific exercise. Humanized design brings you a better experience With hidden waterproof charging port,convenient handle,skin friendly silicone material,YUECHAO kegel balls is a life partner you can trust,and helping you live a healthier life. Peaceful & quiet Kegel Balls are Virtually Silent, there s nothing to Stop You From Keeping your daily Kegel Exercise wherever you go. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on YUECHAO Kegel Balls – Massager Ben Wa Balls for Women.

Question Question 1

How To Charge It?

Tiny place on toy that plugs in andcharges just like your cell phone or iPad with the proper usb cord

Question Question 2

Is It Noisy When It Working?

Not so much noisy as a very noticeable and impossible to hide humming noise.

Question Question 3

How Do We Pair The Remote?

First you might want to check if there is a battery in it mine didn’t have one. Once we bought and installed it, it worked right away.

Question Question 4

How Far Is The Range Of The Device From The Remote?

Not very far 8 to 10 feet maybe

Question Question 5

What Size Is The Batteries In The Remote?


Question Question 6

How Poweful/ Intense Is The Vibe??

Moderate, a little less egg bullet

Question Question 7

How Far Can We Put It In?

make sure you feel comfortable and be sure the string hanging out enough for you to pull it out

Question Question 8

How Long Does It Take To Charge In Full?

90 min

Question Question 9

How Do We Pair The Remote? Am We Missing Something?

Mine didn’t have battery as soon as we put battery in it linked. Your battery our be dead or no battery at all.

Question Question 10

What Type Of Battery Goes In The Remote?


Question Question 11

How Long Can I Notice The Difference?

Well,I would agree it takes about 3 weeks to a month depending how much you use it (every day would mean faster results.)

Question Question 12

Does It Come With Batteries For The Remote?


Question Question 13

What Size Batteries Go In The Remote ?


Question Question 14

Is The Remote Also Waterproof?

No we dont think so.we havent tried it and dont seem like it would be.

Question Question 15

What Type Of Battery Goes In The Remote?

It s a small batter for the remote but the ball plugs in

Question Question 16

Where Is The Charger Import At ?? We Can’T Find It?

Opposite side of the power button. Right above the word DC and below the gold plate.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on YUECHAO Kegel Balls – Massager Ben Wa Balls for Women, these might be useful for better understanding.

We bought this for our relative. At first power on we thought we struck out hardcore because the viberation is very strong. (or we thought so) the only opinion that matters says:”it is and will continue to be a home run for our bedroom. ” she loves it in every way. We are very glad we came across this in our weekly browsing. Great product at this current moment. 1 weeks old. Will update if needed.

We love this product, it s by far the best we ever owned. We gave the remote to our husband and he loved it. The material is really soft, it s water proof and the size is perfect.


Was confused about buttons at first and the instructions are tiny but otherwise enjoyable.

We just gave 5 stars as we don t know how things are. Purchased as a gag gift for the elephant game at christmas. We are sure it ll go over well regardless of if who gets it chooses to actually use it. We thought it d be funny. If you haven t played the game, look it up. It s lots of fun. We truly believe we will win best gift this year.

We did a thorough research about this,trying to figure out the difference between metal balls and silicone balls,concluding that the latter is softer and can be squeezed for added resistance, so we decided to give this a try. It came in a discreet box. Its surface is smooth and soft. No chemical smell. Simple and easy to use with the instruction. So far everything goes well, and we can feel that our pelvic muscles get stronger after a few weeks of training. Can’t explain how glad we are on the purchase. It’s worth every cent to us and recommend that everyone consider trying it once. Won’t leave you disappointed.

We just love it.

Needed long time ago, buy can tell its helping. Will keep using.

Wow wonderful.

We bought this for our birthday weekend with our boo. It was so cute and definitely quiet. We was able to have dinner and nobody knew what was happening. Puts such a kinkness into a relationship. Definitely helps with strengthening your vaginal walls. Plus gives a spicy twist on date night. Our fiance loved being in control of the remote lol.

Material is soft and comfortable. Waterproof makes it better. Strong vibrations with good battery life. Small and easy to store.

The material of the salted egg is soft and elastic. It has a sense of fullness when it is used. It is convenient to carry it wirelessly. There are multiple frequencies that can be adjusted. It is very comfortable. The experience after using it is very good. It adds color to our insipid life. And there’s no color difference,.

Small and lovely, very satisfied, very comfortable to play, very exciting, vibration power, quiet effect is also very good, we personally like this. Very satisfied, packaging is also very confidential, quality can be assured. After wearing it, it’s invisible, and the workmanship is excellent. It feels great to play.

No era lo que esperabamos.

Ala ora de buscar l entrada del cargador es un poco difícil pero la encontré invertir arriba del dc.

Wish it was stronger but still good.

Took it out of the package and had to charge it but after that it was very easy to use. Very powerful too . The package was discreet which is always nice.

Easy to use.

Me gusta mucho waoo.

It could use a little more power but we like it.

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