ViDava ViDava Foley Stabilization Device with re-closable tab

ViDava ViDava Foley Stabilization Device with re-closable tab

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Here are a few main benefits of ViDava ViDava Foley Stabilization Device with re-closable tab.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Load of 10 ViDava Stabilization Gadgets
  • Fits A Lot Of Foley Catheters
  • Enhances Convenience
  • Easy to Use and Get Rid Of

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* 10 New ViDava Foley Stabilization Gadgets. Design # VID100 * Happily Made in the U.S.A.. * ViDava Foley Stabilization Gadgets offer efficient standardized system for protecting Foley catheters and tubing. * The style has a press-and-seal center tab that holds safely. * The open/close function allows repetitive access to the tubing, minimizing skin injury and removing the requirement for continuous re-taping. * Plus the hypoallergenic tape makes this an expense efficient alternative to more pricey gadgets. * A skin-friendly, adhesive that safely holds Foley catheters in location. * Can be utilized to protect lots of kinds of tubes however particularly developed to protect Foley catheters. * Latex Free DEHP Free * ViDava Tube Holder: It’s used by exposing the adhesive side and attaching it to the top of the thigh. The ViDava tube holder has a single tab which accommodates a lot of tube sizes. Easy to utilize Expense Efficient Re-closable hook & loop securement Skin friendly adhesive Protects Many Foley Catheters ViDava design VID100 is a multi-purpose tube holder developed with the client in mind. This device protects lots of kinds of medical tubes. It lowers the possibility of distressing elimination and limitations motion which might trigger tissue damage. All without limiting client s motion or aggravating the skin. ViDavas’ Tube holders are made with alcohol soluble adhesive to make elimination simple. Read more 10 Load ViDava Foley Stabilization Device Quickly protects most sizes of Foley cathetersPrevents unintentional stress and dislodgementsAllows duplicated access to tubingVersatility permits you to utilize one product for lots of applications.Provides the optimum mix of adhesion and skin friendlinessDesign complies with the body and bends with the skin for higher client comfort.The mild medical adhesive makes it helpful in delicate skin circumstances. Read more A Quality Product With a Re-Closable Tab With today’s health care expenses continuously increasing we strive for our consumers to keep expenses low. To do this we use no techniques or tricks simply major old-fashioned, trustworthy service concepts and practices. We will constantly provide you our finest. Our company believe if you provide a quality product and keep excellent customer relations then we are achieving our objective. If our consumers enjoy and we enjoy. What could be better? Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ViDava ViDava Foley Stabilization Device with re-closable tab.

Question Question 1

Will This Product Hold Up To A Soaking Tub Bath?

Hello There Pat, Thank you for your question. Sadly, this device is made with skin friendly adhesive and is not developed to get damp. We advise covering the device to keep it dry when showering.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Recycled?

Unsure what is implied by recycled, it can not be eliminated from your leg and after that reattached at a later date, the adhesivepart would not adhere properly, nevertheless if you suggest leave it on the leg and change the foley, it might be utilized to reattach the brand-new foley.

Question Question 3

Do You Have A Water Resistant Multi-Purposetube Holder Cath-Secure Plus?

Thank you for your questions, regrettably we do not have a water resistant design at this time.

Question Question 4

Is This A 2 Method Stabilization Device?

Yes, and it works fine.

Question Question 5

Would This Work For A 14French Tube?

Yes, this will deal with size 14F catheters.

Question Question 6

What Is The Measurements Of The Real Pad?

The measurements of either side of the base are 7.5 cm at its largest point, 3 cm at its narrowest point. Then from the edge on the left side of the base to the edge on the ideal side of the base is 9.5 cm.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ViDava ViDava Foley Stabilization Device with re-closable tab, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually been a quadriplegic for 31 years however just recently had a supra pubic catheter put in. We were released from the treatment with a statlock cath safe device on our leg. We utilized these for a number of months and although most likely the very best safe device, they are over $5 each and type of institutional looking. We found these cath protects for a lot less. They do not trouble our skin and remain on fairly well. We get a week out of every one however we just shower on the weekends and do beth baths throughout the week. These protects do not hold up well in the shower. If you shower every day and wish to get more than a day out out of them, we would cover it with plastice or prevent getting it very damp.

We like this we do utilize it for a various factor we cut it and utilize it to hold our j-tube to keep kind unintentionally pulling it and it works excellent thank you. Fantastic product and a terrific rate.

While this device worked well on a straight line tube down ourleg to a foley catheter leg bag, we did not find it satisfying for night time usage with a bedside bag, given that it does not take kindly to our nighttime tossing and turning. The adhesive holds the device in location and spared our leg the pain of a restricting leg strap. We did experience some skin inflammation upon elimination, however that is more likely delicate skin on our part than a product problem. In the lack of an appropriately large and trustworthy leg strap, we found this a completely appropriate alternative option.

Im pleased we found these after a urinary/prostate treatment we had, they keep the catheter tube protect on the inner part of our leg, particularly when showering and sleeping, we would change lets every day so one side wont get tired out from using this butterfly tape to protect the catheter. We did not understand how we were going to protect the cath tube during the night, so these actually was available in useful. We have actually never ever needed to have a catheter prior to so we did not understand what remained in shop for us and our convenience. We extremely advise these if you are needing to utilize a cath.

Sadly we dislike the adhesive so can just provide 4 stars. The style is excellent though. Really comfy. Oh, one more disadvantage is it actually can t manage getting damp. The sticky sit tight however the things holding the velcro that holds television melts like butter.

Our hubby is a quadriplegic with an indwelling catheter. These remain on for numerous days at a time. Possibly 5-7 days. To keep his tubing in location. Have actually been buying for 2 years. Never ever had any concerns.

As marketed – they work excellent.

They work extremely well with the peg tube and are comfy.

Product is simple to set up and works fine.

These need to be changed after shower often. However they work well for us.

Fantastic holder. Great rate and works.

We utilize these to assist hold our spouses feeding tube down.

We bought this product for a relative who found it to be simply what she required to hold her foley catheter.

Great product.

Fantastic product for the rate. We are pediatric icu nurse so have a great deal of experience with this kind of product. This is what we buy to utilize for our child and works simply as well as the pricey ones.

Really simple to hook & unhook since of velcro straps. Strap appears rather weak. Gets used quickly with wear.

Functions along with other pricey tube holders. We like this rate.

Finest catheter tape we have actually utilized yet.

We are bit worried about the velcro part for television.

Fantastic fruit and vegetables for rate. Others that we have actually attempted are two times the rate. Really pleased.

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