U.I. Formula

U.I. Formula gives you much more than relief and control over an overactive bladder. It gives you the freedom to be active during the day-without having to be near a bathroom all the time. It targets the hidden causes of urinary problems, and it alleviates infection, extreme urgency, dribbling, and painful pressure.

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U.I. Formula Is A Powerful Blend Of Homeopathic Ingredients That Can:

· Reduce frequency and relieve urgency
· Tone and strengthen the muscles
· Disinfect urethra and bladder
· Gently flush out impurities
· Support and cleanse the kidneys
· Help prevent kidney stone infection
· Prevent against a urinary tract infection
· Stop burning and painful urination
· Give you quick, lasting bladder control

Take control today for maximum urinary control, and ultimate relief!