TENA Intimates Heavy Unisex Incontinent Pad 13" L Contoured 49400 168per Case

TENA Intimates Heavy Unisex Incontinent Pad 13″ L Contoured 49400 168per Case

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of TENA Intimates Heavy Unisex Incontinent Pad 13″ L Contoured 49400 168per Case

  • NOW 100% BREATHABLE: assists secure your delicate, intimate skin
  • TENA OPTIMUM Pads ARE Soft AND Mild On YOUR SKIN: leading sheet of our Tena Optimum Pad soaks up liquid rapidly to assist keep you dry
  • SUPER ABSORBENT CORE: for constant heavy bladder leak security from tension and rise incontinence
  • TRIPLE SECURITY: safeguards versus urine leakages, smell and dampness

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Tena Intimates Optimum Routine Incontinence Pads are now 100% breathable to assist secure your delicate, intimate skin when experiencing bladder leak. These pads are developed with triple security versus bladder leakages, smell, and dampness for heavy tension or rise bladder leak. Instead of duration pads, these absorbent urine pads secure versus heavy leakages to assist keep you dry and safeguarded throughout your day. Optimum Routine pads are likewise ideal for females experiencing postpartum incontinence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on TENA Intimates Heavy Unisex Incontinent Pad 13″ L Contoured 49400 168per Case.

Question Question 1

The Title Says Tena Serenity Heavy (A #4, Older Prod), Picture Shows Tena Intimates Heavy (A #5, Newer Prod).Which Is It?

we have only known it to be #5 and that seems to be satisfactory.

Question Question 2

Do These Be Available In An Box In Order To Be Discrete?

When you examine out your order there s a location to demand bundle will be double boxed. Yes packages will be rather heavy so have somebody readily available to assist.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on TENA Intimates Heavy Unisex Incontinent Pad 13″ L Contoured 49400 168per Case, these might be useful for better understanding.

We have to use these pads daily as a result of a surgery we had. Our system is compromised and these pads are essential. We have used these for the past 6 months as well as the ultimate for night time control. The ultimate are quite bulky (but work great) and if you desire a smaller pad for daily wear then these are good fit. We recently tried the poise ultimate (#6) which are similar in size to these tena #5 but actually do a better job, but they are more expensive. We had an issue with leakage on one side (must be the way we sit) with the tena, but they worked well otherwise. We found the poise were a bit better with regard to leakage issue as well as the absorbency. The poise also lasts ” me” longer than the tena. The next time we need to stock up, it will be the poise for daily usage and the tena ultimate for night time. When you consider the length of time the product works, it turns out for us that using the ultimate (which last 2-3 times longer) might be better than the daily pads. Just depends on whether you desire to wear the ultimate during the day. We highly recommend them for night time. If cost is an issue and your leakage is not too bad, then we think the tena heavy may work well for you. But shop around on to get the best deal on them. They can be as low as 22 cents each to as much as 45-60 cents depending on the seller. The poise is around 40 cents each. Poise is not as good as the tena ultimate (37 – 45 cents each) but the size is much nicer for daily use. Hope some of this helps.

The product was great. Exactly what we expected. But we didn’t appreciate the box it came in which had ” tena” printed all over it. We reside in a senior living center where the plans are provided to the desk and ultimately gave me. A great deal of individuals see precisely what we are getting.

Terrific pad for bladder problems. This product holds a great quantity of fluid. We have actually bought often times. Our go to product. Purchasing by the case is practical and naturally, with prime shipping, it comes rapidly.

Bought for our 94 years of age mom. She discovers the tena brand name the very best. This is the least costly method to buy them.

Absorbency, and convenience ste fine, and they do not aggravate our skin, however they do not stick to panties well.

Bought for geriatric member of the family. She likes them. Simply wanted they weren t so costly.

We enjoythese They were less expensive than our regional drug shop or market.

Go product.??.

What she anticipated.

Simply what we required. Love it.

Excellent rate. Our mother states they work completely for her problems.

They work fantastic, however are bit too long, perhaps.

Our auntie demands the # 5 pads. We make her pleased by having the ability to order these.

Incredible product and quick shipment.

Individual higene.

These specific pads were insufficient for our usage.

Finest incontinence pad out there/.

Lastly, we have found a pad that is as broad as we wished to be. We seem like we have no problem discovering pads that are long however it appears like we can’t find pads that are broad sufficient to secure from side leak. This pads are ideal in this method. And they do not lot up along the sides like other pads we have actually attempted in the past. We do not utilize these for incontinence however these would be ideal for the moderate leakages. We would advise these for females who fight with the occasionals leakage. They are absorbent and long and do not leakage. They are extremely comfy, compared to other incontinence pads. For the heavy wetter, these may not be for you because, while absorbent, they are just made to hold a lot. They are good deal for the rate and this bundle consists of 168 complete sized pads. We use these throughout our time of the month and find them to be fantastic for females with heavy cycles.

These are fantastic if you have moderate incontinence. We typically do not have issues other than when we have a cold and am coughing a lot. We like to utilize these for those times rather than fretting we are going to damp our trousers whenever we sneeze or cough. We utilized to buy feminine napkins however we likethese better They appear more absorbent to me, despite the fact that we do not have a huge leak issue, however we have found that the duration pads are not actually as great for urine as they are for usnstrual blood. We are grateful we got to attemptthese They came in the nick of time as we are simply overcoming a nasty cold and it’s good to feel safe that we will not need to alter clothing if we cough too difficult. Thanks for reading our reviewbecky brooks.

We do not understand when pads stopped being marketed to females for month-to-month usage, and began being marketed to females of a particular age for day-to-day usage. Perhaps they make more cash from the ever-growing variety of females who require these to cover the issue that emerges from coughing, sneezing or chuckling. Whatever their thinking, we can testify that these pads are thick, absorbent, and extremely comfy. They do not chafe in heat, and they’re broad enough so absolutely nothing leaves. They are odor-free, which we value. Some pads have flower fragrances which frustrate me. Like many such products, they are folded in a discreet plastic wrapper, so you can bring bonus in your bag or knapsack, or keep one in your desk or pocket. Although the product is called tena, the moms and dad business is johnson & johnson, which has a great track record.

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