Tena Day-Plus Pads (Beige)

Tena Day-Plus Pads (Beige)

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  • Size: 22 x 10 in., Absorbency 19 oz.
  • Locks away dampness for enhanced skin dryness.
  • Functions Air-Dry Layer for convenience and dryness
  • Big adequate to manage bowel incontinence requirements.

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The Tena line of Incontinence Pads are developed for moderate to heavy urinary and/or bowel incontinence security. They are big enough to hug the body conveniently and be used in routine underclothing yet are likewise developed to be used in mix with Mesh or Knit Washable Trousers (Offered Separately) that can hold them more safely in location, if essential. The outside is made from a cloth-like, non-woven product therefore offering higher discreetness and self-respect. (2 bags of 40)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Are These Better Than The Tena Daytime Number Six?They Are Not Getting It For Us.Often Need To Modification And Even Mop The Flooring.?

Regrettably, we do not bring this Tena product due to the fact that of this, we are not knowledgeable about the absorbency of this pad. we can nevertheless state that the Tena Day-Plus pad has an absorbency of 19 oz. Please let us understand if you have anyquestions we more than happy to assist.

Our Insights:

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These are excellent pads, really absorbent. These are excellent for a bigger individual. We would suggest to anybody requiring a better pad.

Really delighted with the product. Really absorbent.

Our customer remains in an adult diaper. We utilize this pad with a grace in front of his diaper for additional security below a depend. We can utilize depend like underclothing with each modification as we just alter the tena pad and grace pad.

Terrific product for additional protection in the evening length is great usage one bundle every 4 weeks.

They get the job done.

Excellent option when compared to night pads that appear too large.

We are repeat purchaser and will continue to be so.

Outstanding product. Sensible cost.

If you are incontinent these pads are the outright finest to utilize, took us some time of attempting others once we found these we will buy no others.

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