SWIZZEN Men's Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad

SWIZZEN Men’s Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SWIZZEN Men’s Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad.

  • Incontinence Underwear for Guy– Body: 100% cotton, Pad: 70% viscose and 30% polyester. Ultra-Comfortable, Breathable, Smooth, No Irritating.
  • Washable & Reusable– Incontinence briefs need no additional inserts or non reusable pads. Affordable Eco-friendly. Cleaned similar to routine underwear, device washable and dryable, really simple to tidy.
  • Built in absorbent pad– Perfect for urinary incontinence, guys protective underwear with a cotton external layer, which avoids leak and supplies you with double defense. Absorbent pad takes in as much as 200ml, this bladder control briefs appropriate for light/moderate. Not for serious or overall incontinence.
  • Drip Evidence style– Drip evidence Briefs is useful, convenience safe moderate defense for daytime, get out and enjoy yourself without stressing over leakages. And you can delight in a comfy bedtime during the night, and it safeguard your clothes or bed linens tidy and dry.
  • Healthful & Comfortable– Adult diapers for males, safeguard the long period of time wheelchair seniors, and who urinary incontinence after surgical treatment, prostate surgical treatment, long driving and taking a trip. Keep your skin dry for a long period of time, does not trigger heat and skin problem.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SWIZZEN Men’s Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad.
Color: Black|Size: Medium Utilize the incontinence underwear rather of incontinence diapers, which like the routine underwear allows you to gain back self-confidence in all elements of your life. Perfect for travel or everyday usage. Function: 1. Product: Body:100% Cotton; Pad:70% Viscose + 30% Polyester 2. Conserve cash and waste by utilizing washable, recyclable cotton underwear. So Affordable. (DO NOT USAGE MATERIAL CONDITIONERS) 3. Suggested amount: you can buy 3 to guarantee you can use when one was cleaned. 4. Bundle consisted of: 1PC. Recommendation Size: Little: Waist: 28″-30″, Hip: 32″-34″ Medium: Waist: 32″-34″, Hip: 36″-38″ Big: Waist: 36″-38″, Hip: 40″-42″ X-Large: Waist: 40″-42″, Hip: 44″-46″ If your size in in between of 2, please pick the bigger size. Please inspect your measurements to ensure the product fits prior to purchasing and please describe our size chart to pick. Due to health policies, this product is non-returnable if the plan has actually been opened. If purchasing numerous sets, ensure to open simply among them, so the other can be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SWIZZEN Men’s Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad.

Question Question 1

Is The Whole Product Waterproof? Or Simply In The Crotch?

it is a cotton incontinence underwear with built in absorbent padin the crotch. not whole product water resistant.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Briefs Of A Bundle?

it simply 1pc, if you wish to buy a lot, please call us and we will provide you some discount rates.

Question Question 3

What Are The Cleaning Guidelines?

clean it as typical cotton underwear is okay

Question Question 4

We Extremely Like This Black Incontinence Underwear, However We Have A Major Leakage. Can We Utilize This?

it just for light to moderate. They work well for our small leakages, however clearly can’t consist of a reasonably big quantity of liquid. we put some water into, and found that less than 6.5 oz possibly the very best for this incontinence underwear.

Question Question 5

Do You Have Washable Guys Underwear And Insertable Pads For Heavy Leak?

Sorry, there is presently no such product. Thank you quite for your tips, we might offer such products in the future.

Question Question 6

Can We Return These If They Do Not Fit?

we do not understand

Question Question 7

For How Long Does It Require To Dry In An Electric Clothes dryer?

As long as routine underwear.

Question Question 8

Does This Product Cover The Anal Location Too?

Yes, it covers the whole hip. If you are not exactly sure whether it fits you, please buy one to check. thank you

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SWIZZEN Men’s Incontinence Underwear with Built in Absorbent Pad, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased these expecting over night defense, however these do * not * safeguard versus over night leak, nor do they hold anywhere near the liquid managed by routine, over the counter pharmacy or grocery store adult diapers. In reality, when the really light absorptive product ends up being saturated, the cotton product sponges up the excess and develops another– ahem– larger issue. Yes, they’re washable, comfy, and recyclable and are terrific for daytime usage, however if you’re trying to find over night defense, forget it.

Thanks lot for this product. It’s excellent as what you stated seller. The leakproof function is working out, it’s actually leakless and we might enjoy our long drive comfortably.

Finest incontinence briefs up until now. Big taking in location.

Utilized product for incontinence problem. Functions terrific and is comfy. Thanks.

Better made than other non reusable pads. The pads are big which assists avoid mishaps, they wear t rip when we alter the bed everyday.


Our bladder control issue is really major. We damp our bed every night. Bad. After an amount of time, we were not able to see a physician, so our relative needed to clean our bed linen every day. Sorry to buy these things, however we are really delighted. These are terrific tasks. We require 2 individuals to invest a night without getting damp in the early morning. Absorption is terrific, however we appear to urinate during the night without notification. We even use it at work today, since we have a couple of sprays here or there throughout the day, that makes us positive to understand that we have some control over the issue. Diapers are comfy to use and we feel more positive. Nobody can pee our trousers throughout the day. They are not ideal, however as anticipated, up until now nobody has actually observed that we are using a set. We will alter to a fresh one prior to going to sleep.

We have actually attempted to utilize males’s depends previously. We dislike them since they are made from paper, are unpleasant, and begin to collapse nearly instantly. We purchased these this time. Initially we believed they were really pricey. Nevertheless, they can be cleaned 200 times, so they are important. Besides, they are really comfy.

This underwear is really comfy to use and the matieral feels excellent. It fits ideal on our father, he just recently had an operation. He stated it’s really comfy and he can move quickly.

These underpants are comfy and appropriate. We were fortunate to find them, since we have actually used pads for several years, and it is bothersome to alter them 5 times a day at the majority of. Thank you quite.

It depends upon whether the underwear actually soaks up water and is really comfy to use, and nobody understands that the clothing you use are various from the pads with huge protrusions on the front, while the leak of the front cover and the back cover depends upon these results being great.

The underwear is comfy and absorbent. We purchased numerous sets for usage after prostate elimination, and use the very same set the whole day. The underwear is washable and for that reason more eco-friendly than non reusable pads.

Our father really like the washable style quite, he does not like the non reusable diapers and feels upset about using it. These appearance and function precisely like typical briefs, simple to tidy, will not let a great deal of utilized diapers fill our garbage can. Will buy for him once again.

Our teenage kid has not used underwear in years. He is autistic, and how things feel on his skin is very crucial to him. He s constantly grumbled about underwear cutting into his privates, and he has a little bit of a bladder control problem, which is not unusual in autistic kids. He had actually been packing a towel inside his trousers, and it was rediculous. We purchased him a set of these to attempt, and he states they are the most comfy underwear he s ever attempted, and asked for more, so we have actually purchased a couple more sets. As costly as these are, if he will begin using them to go out, it will be so worth every cent.

Soft and comfy, efficient absorbency and never ever feel really hot when you using. Work well to our light leakages, and without stress over make our bed damp during the night, like it.

They work incredible.

This underwear is really appropriate for us, completely resolves our incontinence issue, and can be utilized consistently.

Did an excellent task.

It’s comfy to use and a little thick, however it does not stop us from using our preferred trousers. In general, worth purchasing.

We have a percentage of leakages, it assists us fix this issue extremely well.

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