Sunmark Urinary Pain Relief Tablets

Sunmark Urinary Pain Relief Tablets

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Quick remedy for urinary pain, burning, seriousness, and frequency related to urinary system infections.Active Components: In Each Tablet: Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride 95 mg

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Question Question 1

What Is The Expiration Date On These Urinary Pain Relief Tablets?

On the 2 bundles we bought the expiration date was 10/2019.

Question Question 2

Components List?

Active Components: Per Tablet: Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride 95 mg. Non-active Components: Lactose; Magnesium Silicate; Magnesium Stearate; Microcrystalline Cellulose; Pharmaceutical Glaze; Salt Starch Glycolate

Question Question 3

Components? Vegan?

It’s generic pyridium. The exact same thing as AZO. A pharmaceutical chemical that solves urinary pain, C11H12ClN5.

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Functions in addition to azo for interstitial cystitis.

Functions simply as well as the optimal strength trademark name product however at a portion of the expense.

Our physician suggested this for our interstitial cystitis. It actually assists.

This product works actually helpful for our cystitis. More expense efficient than azo tablets.

Great for urinary pain and pressure. We extremely advise this product. It’s likewise simply as excellent as aso requirement and prescription medications however more affordable and works simply as well.

Purchasing this product here is an expense saver. And it works in addition to the more costly things you can get with prescription for a portion of the expense. We needed to utilize it quickly and it eliminated the pain we were experiencing. Disadvantage? you pee orange. Yes you do. And if you aren’t mindful you can’t blame any puddles around your home on the pet.

Great worth, timely service. Thank you.


It took the seriousness and pain away.

Great product.

Great cost.

Although this product turns urine orange, it works extremely well, and is a lot less expensive than comparable name brand name products.

Urinary pain.

Our physician recommended these dark brown tablets, however our insurance coverage didn’t cover the $100. Prescription, however mike, our pharmacist conserved the day and informed us about urinary pain relief and conserved the day. The reason that we select to by them at is due to the fact that they use more tablets per plan then the drug store does. These are better then any other brand name and we have actually attempted them all. We have an extreme case of ic better referred to as insterstitial cystitis which is extremely agonizing to state the least. All the other brand names like cystex plus, uristat plus, azo and cystex max wear t alleviate the pain even half in addition to urinary pain relief. We take 2 in the early morning when we awaken and one in mid afternoon to bring us through and 2 during the night prior to bed so that we can sleep conveniently through the night without pain, then we begin the procedure once again when we awaken. We actually incourage you to a minimum of attempt these on your own, or do what we did and buy a lot of various brand names to see which one works for you. Nevertheless, we make sure you ll concur that urinary pain relief is the very best.

These are the exact same as azo for a lot less. Keep on hand for urinary flare ups and aids with frequency, bloating, pressure and pain. Will buy once again.

Finest for urinary infection pain. Functions. Thank you.

Functions simply as proficient at a lower cost than the azo brand name.

This works simply as well as uristat and azo. Excellent purchase nevertheless package was provided crushed, torn and harmed. Luckily the small tablets were not harmed or faulty. Will buy once again.

Excellent buy.

Excellent product and cost.

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