Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece

Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece.

  • You have actually chosen – Color: Black, Length: 10 Feet
  • Quality latex rubber tubing manufacturered in the U.S.A. by Kent Elastomer. Dip produced for ideal flexibility.
  • All lengths are ONE CONTINUOUS PIECE. The random lengths delivered to us by the producer are hand arranged to length, packaged to maintain freshness and delivered right away to a storage facility.
  • Crossectional Measurements: Outdoors Dia. 3/8″, Inside Dia. 1/4″, Wall Density 1/16″
  • See ” Crucial Information” below for latex allergy warning.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece.
Spearit offers just the greatest quality natural rubber latex tubing. This tubing is produced in the U.S.A. by Kent Elastomer utilizing the dip approach. Dip produced natural rubber tubing has flexible qualities exceptional to extruded tubing or tubing made from other artificial elastomers. Among the repercussions of dip production is that the tubing is offered in random lengths by the producer. We get the bulk tubing and right away arrange it by length and plan it in sealed nontransparent plastic bags to maintain freshness. Then we deliver it to storage facilities where our stocks are kept little and renewed as typically as weekly. This is necessary due to the fact that natural rubber is a disposable product for which appropriate storage and age matter. This is the very same product utilized in health care and labs where it is more frequently described as surgical tubing. It is likewise the chosen product for resistance workout, sling shot bands and design glider catapults due to the fact that of its unsurpassable flexible residential or commercial properties. Natural rubber tubing is best for these and countless other applications and Spearit supplies the greatest quality and best rubber readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece.

Question Question 1

When Extending, Just How Much Weight Or Force Can It Endure Without Breaking?( Please Address With Numbers, Not “A Lot”)?

The only method we utilize it is to connect one end to something steady and pull it from a somewhat extended position to a more extended position (about 6 feet). It isn’t near breaking.we might pull it to double that and we do not believe it would be close to breaking.

Question Question 2

What Size Receives Prime?

All sizes other than 1 foot and 4 foot are Prime. These 2 sizes are satisfied by likewise and are complimentary shipping for all however just 4-8 day shipping is readily available for them.

Question Question 3

Just How Much Will The Size Stretch? Will The Id Stretch To Fit Over Sun Glasses Ear Piece Of 1/2″ Or So?

This 1/4″ sturdy tubing will quickly extend to 3/8 -1/ 2″ and should fit your desired application with some effort without degrading the performance.

Question Question 4

Can This Tubing Hold Water Pressure (From A Sink Faucet) Without Failing?

it s not a very strong tubing in terms of internal hydraulic pressure, we would imagine it could take a few PSwe of water pressure but don t leave it unattended under pressure in case it bursts. It s also not a reinforced hose so it s not really suitable for higher pressures.

Question Question 5

How Do You Punch A Hole In The Tube To Fit The Ends Through To Make A Loop For The Slingshot Pouch?

You cut and use industrial glue

Question Question 6

What Can Be Used To Get Thistube To Slip Over A 1/4″ Or 3/8″ Sling Shot Ends?


Question Question 7

Can This Tubing Be Used Across A Road To Count Car Traffic?

No this tubing is far to lightweight for that purpose, road count traffic is a specialty product. Thanks and Regards.

Question Question 8

Does Anybody Know How The Black Stuff Handles Long Term Exposure To Uv And Salt Water?

it will last a few years with a little bit of care.you can get many years from it if you keep it in a cool area like a fridge drawer, when not being used

Question Question 9

Gettn Mixed Reviews Regarding Slingshots.Some Say It’S Fantastic For Power/Stretch And Others Say Opposite?? Want More Fps Using 1/2In Steel Balls?

we found the stretch is good and have no complaints about the product. we have been using nickel size rocks though, which may not have the same mass as tour steel shot.

Question Question 10

Does It Float?

Yes it does, but barely.

Question Question 11

Would This Be As Strong, Under Vacuum Conditions, As Silicone Tubing Of The Same Dimensions ?

No, this is very flexible tubing and will likely collapse under vacuum.

Question Question 12

Diameter Of Hole?

As indicated, this is 1/4″ inside size, and 3/8″ outside size. That’s unstretched, naturally.

Question Question 13

What Can Be Utilized To Get Thistube To Slip Over A 1/4″ Or 3/8″ Sling Shot Ends?

The 1/4″ inside size will NOT work well if your slingshot ends are likewise 1/4″ – ” you’ll put your eye out”. we wouldn’t suggest any type of lubricant on latex, but moistening the slingshot ends will help. Patience is probably the best solution – it will fit on 3/8″ ends, it simply takes a bit persistence to get it on.

Question Question 14

How Feet Or Inches Long Is It?

we do not keep in mind precisely the length of time it was however we believe it was around 6′.

Question Question 15

This Is All One Long Piece? If Order 30Ft It Will Be A 30 Feet Tube, Or, Numerous Tubes That Contribute To 30Ft?

This listing is for one continuous 30 foot piece of tubing.

Question Question 16

Size Of Hole When Extended?

Can t state for sure. We have actually utilized it as much as 1.

Question Question 17

What Is Distinction In Between Black And Yellow Tubes?

Some kinds of black rubber might be less vulnerable to UV damage from sunshine.

Question Question 18

What The Pull Strength On This Tubing?

who understands

Question Question 19

We Are Trying To Find Latex Tubing 3/8 Od X1/4″ Id. Red, Yellow, Green?

we are not familiar with this tubing being available in those colors.we just utilize black.

Question Question 20

Is This Great To Utilize On Canine Leash Deals With? Daily Use? Or Should We Search for The Basic Foam Tubes?

we expect if you were to cover it a few times around the manage it would offer some sort of cushioning. Wouldnt wrap it tight, simply tight and potentially utilize zipties to hold each end in location.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Spearit 3/8in OD 1/4in ID Black Latex Rubber Tubing ONE Continuous Piece, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Utilized this for our ford excursion/ford superduty door gasket mod. Really strong. We picked sensibly. If your older ford has wind sound from the door gaskets ending up being compressed, this tubing will fit inside the door gasket and return the door gasket, to it’s initial shape. Mucho cheaper-er than brand-new door jamb gaskets. 60′ for simply the doors. Not consisting of the freight doors on the expedition. > 25′ per door.

Lastly handled to make replacement bands for a wrist rocket & up until now, the 3/8″ x 1/4″ tubing has actually gone beyond any expectations for usage with a wrist rocket. This tubing is without a doubt better than purchasing the oem replacement bands, we have actually been chasing after (not hurting) the animals out of our 50′ pecan tree, had actually been utilizing oem replacement bands & may get 3 days (if utilizing 5/16″ or smaller projectiles) before the tubing would tear rendering the wrist rocket useless. Made 3 replacement bands so far, spent this afternoon launching 5/16″ & bigger projectiles & whatever else laying in the backyard checking the brand-new band & might not be more amazed, can extend this tubing even more than oem & without worry that the tubing would tear when a strong pecan shell sored past the 8th yard mark passing the old 4 backyard mark history. Bought 3/8″ x 1/8″ tubing too, still attempting to attain very same connecting approach as displayed in photos, however, with the thicker walled tubing, will take a bit more imagination to pull the loops back through itself to protect the leather pouch. When we consume the existing 10′ tubing to develop the brand-new bands (which there are no unforseen factors it will be even better), will upgrade & publish photos with an upgraded evaluation. Extremely suggest this tubing over oem replacement bands that costs double the $$$$.

Worked fantastic for changing the rubber on an old guitar stand. Pro-tips for if you’re utilizing this for the very same function as we are (changing the rubber on an old guitar stand):- usage some string to determine just how much you require, and after that buy 1. 5-2x that much. You may make errors, and the tubing appears to get much shorter when it’s extended onto the metal tube. We purchased 2 feet at first, and needed to buy another 3 feet when we ranout – if you’re having a tough time getting the tubing on, utilize soap and a little water on the within the tubing to lube. Do not utilize mineral oil or other petroleum products, the tubing simply appears to soak them up, and they do not lube effectively. Hope that assists.

Precisely as explained. Easy pull, strong toss with significant momentum. It’s really simple to deal with and simple to cut. We are utilizing this tube on a huge slingshot in order to get our climbing up line into a tree. There is no twist so after we have actually introduced our weight bag (which is connected to our toss line) it does not “roll over” and tangle in our line. It was really simple to splice into our leather pouch which holds the weight bag. If it ever gets cut or damaged we will acquire this tube once again. Quick shipping and packaged well. We have actually been utilizing it for just a week so we cant state how long lasting it is however up until now so excellent.

We are utilizing this for swimming paddles and it works fine. It is a little bit thicker than the initial tubing that included the paddles however once again it works well. You simply need to pull a little more difficult to get thruough the holes. We are utilizing less tubing per paddle due to the fact that we do not he to make it longer to go thru an extra hole to protect it from slipping out of the hole.

This rubber tube works fantastic for our old ” pocket rocket. ” we have actually been shooting a flipper because we were a kid. Our grandfather made our very first one from a crotch branch of a tree with red rubber inter tube utilized as the prop. This 70 y. O. Can extend this rubber to 3 times it’s length to fire a 1/2″ marble, hit a can at 35 feet; plus, put a hole through it and knock it off from the post. We can definitely recommend this for your 3/8″ accessory slingshot, no matter who made it.

We purchased this 3/8 in od 1/4 in id latex rubber tubing (# 804) 3 feet for bushcraft. We utilize it llike a long straw to blow coals into flame. It permits us to direct our breath more successfully, and to do so while still sitting upright (rather than needing to put down on the ground with our face near the coals, where ash tends to blow into our face and on clothing). It’s likewise useful when cooking with our emberlit box-style camp range. The range burns more effectively with periodic puffs of breath to increase the strength of the burning wood, and it’s much easier to direct breath through the little respiratory tract openings utilizing this tubing. Likewise, this excellent quality latex tubing has enough stretch and strength to function as a functional tourniquet– so it benefits 2 functions in one. We purchased 3 feet, however found that 2 feet sufficed for our requirements. The tubing is simple to cut with a scissors to the preferred length. Our only (little) quibble is that this tubing showed up in a soft mailing envelope, taped in numerous locations to a cardboard support. The stiffner did a great task of securing the tubing, however the masking tape turned out to be frustrating and lengthy to remove the latex rubber. As we attempted to peel it away, it would hold on to the rubber and tear into pieces that then needed to be chosen off heavily. Not a huge offer– it took about 4 minutes to peel away the 4 or 5 pieces of tape– however we would’ve chosen it to be twist-tied or something much easier to get rid of. We are not exactly sure if this issue is normal, however it was the only unfavorable problem we found and we would still have no bookings about purchased this tubing once again from the very same provider. If you’re searching for excellent quality latex rubber tubing with 1/4″ inner diameter, look no further. This is nice stuff.

Cheap n easy fix for slipping dog feet. These were a little to big for our 45lb spca mutt, had to size down to 5/16 in to keep them from slipping off. These might be ok for a lab or full sized shepherd. Only had to use on her back feet and she never even tries to take them off. Trim so that they fit snugly, not against the quick and you can see the end of the nail peeking out. Leave a comment so say what size you used for your dog so that others can use this method as well.

We enclosed the back patio of our house to make a garden room. We bought this tubing because when we get a big rain, the room floods. Since we’ve enclosed the area, we’ve put furniture there. We’ve been unsuccessful in waterproofing the seam between the floor and wall. The room’s floor slopes down from the back of our house. With enough rain, the water threatens to come into the house. We bought this tubing to attach one end to a small pump in the garden room and the other end to drain into our kitchen sink. It works well. Until rain threatens, we roll up the tubing, pump and all, and store them out of the way. The tubing is flexible and does the job.

Title says it. This product is perfectly sized and flexible to fit in and stop that dang rattle. Tuck it down in there against the base of the windshield (but not too far that it falls through. ) and it becomes practically invisible – you have to consciously look for it to see it. Soooo glad we found this on the outback forum.

The rear window seal leaked on the top of our 2010 ford expedition. Pulled the seal off and it was very flimsy/soft. We were able to get this tubing in the cavity of the factory seal and it was much firmer. Now the window seals and not a drop leaks in. Very good product.

We bought this tubing for two marshmallow cross bows. Very stretchy and strong, making a good very powerful cross bow that shoots a mini marshmallow a nice distance. We had one draw back and that was tubing is to round for what we needed, but thats our fault.

We ordered this to repair some guitar stands. The sizing was similar to what was originally installed. To our surprise, it was a perfect match and simple to install with just a few drops of water to lubricate the metal. It also repaired a sling shot that had sat for over a decade with no tubing. We are quite pleased with our purchase.

Very high quality tubing. We use it for our slingshot prongs (both the prongs to shoot from and the arm rest prongs) and they come on extremely easy with a little bit of alcohol. Now if you were to use these for slingshot bands, you can but they will not stay on prongs that are 1/4″ If you have 1/4″ prongs and wanted to make slingshot bands, we would suggest the 3/16″ id tubing b/c that’s what the size tubing that includes our slingshots. If you do not require to slide these over prongs and would connect them rather, they make some great shoot bands.

Size and density are both fantastic for a do it yourself slingshot. It’s really long lasting and extremely elastic. Even after duplicated usage, there are no fractures in it and it hasn’t lost any of its flexibility. We truly do not understand what other individuals utilize it for. Haha.

We utilized this product to broaden the old door weatherstrips on our ford very task truck, the product worked well however for the most part it makes the doors more difficult to close. The rate was in line for products of this type.

Great stretch. 2ft works well for us on a 50 year old wrist rocket. Can’t get bands like this in any brick and mortor shops around here. Happy we attemptedthese Didn’t rate toughness, only time will inform:–RRB-.

Bought to place into aging automobile door weather condition seals. It is the best size to restore automobile weather condition removing. It is a bit fiddly and needs generous application of lube to pull it through 6 feet of weather condition removing. When that’s done it gets the job done.

Lord this things is lethal. Manages duplicated stretch well. We treat our bands with sun inhibitor (303 protectant) and get years of usage out of them.

We required tubing that was real to size. This brand name is area on. Appears long lasting and extends well without any contortions. Terrific rate and fantastic product.

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