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Prelief Acid Reducer Caplets, 300 Count
  • During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.
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Prelief Acid Reducer Caplets, 300 Count
  • Reduce Acid: Prelief safely and effectively reduces the acid from foods and beverages
  • Acid Reduction: Calcium glycerophosphate reduces the acid in your favorite foods and beverages by up to 95%
  • Taking 2 to 3 Prelief caplets with your food or drink can reduce the acid and minimize discomfort
  • Worry Free Dining: Coffee, Wine, Pizza, Fruit Juice and Tomato Sauce are highly acidic and may trigger discomfort. With Prelief, enjoy your favorite acidic foods without the discomfort
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Prelief 300 Count (Pack of 2)
  • Prelief 300 Caplets (Pack of 2)

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  • Prelief 300 Caplets (Pack of 2)

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Here are some more information on Prelief 300 Caplets.Prelief 300 Tabs ( Multi-Pack)

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

This Price Seems More Reasonable For 3 Bottles, Not 2.Is This A 3-Pack?

The price has gone up a lot.we purchased 1 bottle in July 2015 for $22.54.A two pack for $92.52 is an increase of 23.72 per bottle.It is now cheaper to buy the smaller 120 count bottles.

Question Question 2

How Many Bottles Are In A Prelief Multipack?

600 total = 300 in each bottle

Question Question 3

What Ingredients Does Prelief Have?

Ingredients listed are calcium glycerophosphate and magnesium stearate.

Question Question 4

Any Indication Of What The Expiration Dates Would Be On The Package?

The ones we purchased have expiration dates on the bottle.Mine is 3/30/19 which they list as 033019Y, so they last a very long time.The date is on the side of the directions.

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Have ic? want to eat all the acid you dang well please? here’s your answer. We love prelief and it’s changed our life. Well, our diet restrictions anyway. If you’re in full flare, this may not calm anything. It’s preventative, not a cure, but we are so happy that we can have our precious, precious caffeine and all the salsa we want again. *edit, 2 years later: we still use this daily and although we still have ic flares occasionally, the cause is no longer diet related. Prelief has actually made us forget that we have ic most of the time. Our personal case is considered severe, with complications resulting from also having even more severe rheumatoid arthritis. Our ra flares do cause ic flares 2-4x/year and those are the only times that we have to do anything about our ic. We were previously getting bladder instillations 15-18x annually. One less major medical treatment to worry about in our life is priceless. We are very skeptical and have a special hate for snake oil salesmen targeting desperate sufferers, but this remedy is legitimately helpful and has actually improved our life.

We were diagnosed with intersticial cyctitius at 18 (over 10 years ago). We suffer greatly if we eat or drink anything acidic or with a hit of spice- sometimes we would be bedridden practically for a month or more. We took a chance with preleif, as everything else we tried just seemed to make our conditions worse, and the botox in the bladder surgery only covered up the pain but didn’t help the problem. Well, preleif is something we carry everywhere with us now. Sometimes we take it just if we feel like we have a stressful day (with food of coarse). Since taking preleif, we have gone nearly 2 years without any significant flare up. We will mention that we have removed most of the problem foods from our diet as well, but now we are able to at least eat our husbands amazing cooking and food with flavor. We probably am only using tablets 5-8 a day, and we know the pain we would be in if we didn’t have preleif. Preleif has literally changed our life for the better and we will never be without it. Best stuff ever.

We have heard about prelief from the people’s pharmacy show years ago. We finally tried them and they work really good for us. We have a terrible stomach. Heartburn. Gerd. Stomach aches . All the time. We read that using omeprazole (prilosec) for an extended period of time can soften your bones and we now have osteoporosis in our back. We are not sure that is the reason why but we decided to try the prelief and they have done a great job for us. We usually take 2 before a meal and sometimes after a meal. We have had gerd pop up late at night and we have taken prelief instead of tums or anything else and they quelled the burn. We were so happy. We give them to friends now. They don’t always work but we are learning to take them before drinking sodas or anything that is acidic.

We wish we had discovered this product a long time ago. We have been sleep deprived for years from going to the bathroom every hour or hour and a half all night. Now we can get three or four hour blocks of sleep. We take before coffee in the am and before our nightly glass of wine in the evening.

Prelief really helps with the control of our ic. Occasionally there is no avoiding something acidic (lemon or wine in a cream sauce at a restaurant, etc. ), so we carry a small pillbox with tablets to take with the meal. Voila, no worries. Note: we don’t chance it with tomatoes, and prelief neutralizes the acid in foods, not the spice/heat.

I, too, have had bladder and urgency issues for years. We thought we were going to have to go through some sort of medical intervention. Several years ago, we came upon prelief after researching the web. It definitely made our life easier. The pills are easy to take (whenever needed) and there are no side effects.

We have interstitial cystitis and this product allows us to live a normal life. We find that we have to take more than the recommended two tablets for more acidic foods, but once you find the right dose, it really works. For example, we take up to 5 pills for foods like coffee and salsa. Before starting prelief, we couldn’t tolerate any alcohol, but now we can drink up to two alcoholic beverages using prelief. We are so thankful to the makers of this product for giving us our life back. We definitely recommend prelief to anyone who has trouble with acidic foods.

This is not a proton pump inhibitor but it can help with neutralizing acids. We bought it for a friend in her 70’s and she now takes it with most meals and prior to using this she suffered from years of reflux with little help from multiple gastroenterologists. This is not medical advice, check with your doctor.

If you have interstitial cystitis, you need to know about prelief. Definitely helps me. We noticed it is made of calcium of some sort. We are not a chemist, so don’t know much about different kinds of calcium. But, we think there are cheaper sources of calcium. We take fibercon tablets for ibs, which are calcium based, and much cheaper than prelief. We think they help our ic as well. That being said prelief is a great product.

If anyone has been diagnosed with food allergies to acidic food or ics, take 2 of these with any acidic food and the food doesn t affect you. For years we couldn’t have chocolate or cranberries without our bladder showing signs of bleeding (very painful ??), with these pills, we can eat these foods again.

We were diagnosed with ic back in 2012 which was the beginning of a very bland diet. No spices, nothing acidic, no alcohol, no caffeine, etc. For nearly two years the only thing we could drink was water or occasionally a very weak cup of tea. Our urologist recommended prelief and we are slowly starting to reintroduce various foods/beverages back into our diet with fantastic results. Thank you prelief.

We have severe heartburn problems but love to drink coffee. Two of these with each cup helps a great deal.

Wonderful supplement that works exceptionally well to reduce the acidity found in many foods and beverages. We carry a handful with us all the time in a little plastic snack bag. Definitely one of the best digestive aids we have ever found.

If you are sufferer of ic, please give this product a try. We highly encourage you to do. So. We have suffered for since 2008 with many incorrect diagnoses. Suffer really doesn’t even to describe the frustrations. We have tried so many avenues, including the few “solutions” from the medical field. This has truly been a godsend. We take 2 every time we get ready to. Eat/drink. As well as 3 if having soda or any spicy/hot items. Be sure to take religiously.

This is a great price for 600 capsules. We take two right before our morning coffee and always take at least two with anything acidic to eat or drink. The experation date is 7/20. We keep a supply in our handbag to pop if we go out to eat 🙂 what we thought was a bladder infection turned out to be a bladder irritation caused by acidic foods and drinks. We are so impressed with the beautiful way these bottles were sent and packaged. Very professional. And extremely quick.

This was purchased for our sister. She has interstitial cystitis and takes these before eating spicy or acidic foods to prevent flare ups. They’re the only medicine we know of to help with these symptoms, so it was nice to be able to stock up on them instead of repeatedly paying for the smaller packs that are available in our local stores.

These work great we use them every time we eat something spicy or that we should not eat. We have interstitial cystitis and get flare pain and these help with the pain also.

This stuff is a lifesaver. It’s not an antacid it literally affects the food you eat before you digest the acid. It was recommended for people with acid reflux who don’t to take the serious meds with side effects and for women with sensitive bladders. And it works.

Works well – we use it when eating acidy foods – helps to prevent acid stomach and reflux. We are very reactive to most medications/herbs, etc. So we only take a half of a prelief with our foods that are acidy. We do use ranitidine(generic for zantac(h2 inhibitor)), however we take many hours before of after having used prelief which we only take when eating. It does give us a bit of constipation. Be sure to read about what medications that must not be used with prelief; abacavir / dolutegravir / lamivudine, tivicay (dolutegravir) triumeq (abacavir / dolutegravir / lamivudine) proton pump inhibiters(prilosec, etc. ), antacids(tums, etc. ) h2 inhibitors(zantac), may also impact calcium channel blockers and calcium supplements, some oral quinolones, tetracyclines(and many other other antibiotics). Prelief side effects by likelihood and severity: the following side effects are associated with prelief:common side effects of prelief: taste problems less severeinfrequent side effects of prelief: incomplete or infrequent bowel movements less severerare side effects of prelief: alkalosis severe, impacted stool severe, kidney stone severe, swollen ankles or feet severe,please keep in mind this is a perfectly safe and effective “supplement”, but taking more is not better, and you must always be aware that anything you ingest, apply, inhale, etc. Has an impact on you, and always speak with your pharmacist about the potential issues with medications and any “supplement”. We will continue to use prelief, but always safely. Know what you are putting in your body. Http://www. Drugs. Com/drug-interactions/calcium-glycerophosphate,prelief-index. Html?filter=2&generic_only=https://www. Webmd. Com/drugs/2/drug-77426/prelief-oral/details/list-interaction-medication.

We are an ic suffer and this makes a huge difference in the quality of our life. We have not been without it for years now and don t plan on being without it in the future.

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