Posey 8215 Urine Drainage Bag Holder

Posey 8215 Urine Drainage Bag Holder, Blue, Canvas

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    Product DescriptionUrine Drainage Bag Holder, Blue,Canvas Today, the Posey Business makes over 600 products around the world. Every Posey product crafted and produced by our devoted group continues our custom of quality products and client care.Manufacturer Contact InformationNot Applicable

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Question Question 1

    Is It Completely Strong? The Picture Reveals The Cath Bag Inside Unsure If Its A Clear Part Or Not.?

    The bag is black. The clear urine bag fits inside this bag to conceal it.

    Question Question 2

    Can This Hold A 4000Ml Drainage Bag?

    It is approximately the size of a 2000ml bag. we are thinking a 4000ml bag might go within however just if it is partly folded. we question you might fill the bag while it is inside the holder.

    Question Question 3

    What Are The Dimentions Of This Product?

    we are sorry do not understand that. It will hold a big urine bag.

    Question Question 4

    Is This Washable?

    Yes, we would recommend, hand-wash, air-dry

    Question Question 5

    What Color Is The Bag?

    The bag is navy with black straps.

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    Well built catheter cover, however would not fit on our wheelchair. May connect to the back of a chair however not on the side which is where we desired it to hang.

    Covers the bag so individuals do not see pee.

    Grea product.

    As anticipated.


    Precisely the size we required to fit our power chair.

    Terrific quality.

    We lastly am changing among these, yes the precise design, we have actually been utilizing for about 15 years. The connect system is simple to utilize and the webbing is really durable. The canvas is a tight weave and will hold a great deal of fluid in if your bag springs a leakage. Yes it will leakage however will considerably slow the rate of the dripping. And the heavy canvas is incredibly resilient. We have actually utilized one daily for 15 years. The vinyl bags tear quickly and do not last long. For somebody that utilizes one separately hang the bag under the leading edge of the chair coiling the tubing one or two times while placing the drain bag into the holder. With your legs on the foot locations in front of the bag nobody sees your bag. Utilizing a holder like this enables usage of the bigger bedside bag discretely and removes some of the problems with a smaller sized leg bag. Concerns such as discovering a restroom to get your chair in, increases your flexibility to take in a quantity of fluid sufficient to keep your system flushed out to prevent infection and keep the waste flushedout Thirty years ago we would have never ever thought about utilizing the big bedside bag in the day time since of the exposure problem, (nobody desires their pee bag on screen), the drain bag covers altered all that. It is a terrific product and when you compare the expense of 15 years with among these bags in contrast to 15 years worth of vinyl bag holders that do not last a year the option is economically apparent.

    Excellent product. More resilient than the plastic drainage bags. It worked so well we purchased 2more Would buy this once again. Quick shipping too.

    Easy to hang.

    Likewise was what was utilized in physical treatment so we continued usage.

    We have actually attempted 3 various kinds of bags, this posey is the very best. We utilize it on a motorized invacare storm series and a manual quickie lxi. On both it connects simply in front of the seat where the leg rests go on. Slip it on when the leg rests are off. Extremely safe and secure.

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