Men's Liberty External Catheter

Men’s Liberty External Catheter

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  • Men’s Urinary Incontinence Catheter

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Male s Liberty is the ingenious alternative to standard male external catheters. As an external gadget, it is used simply when a day. This discreet, one-size-fits-most alternative handles males s urinary incontinence in a safe, manner in which keeps you dry 24/7. More than 5 million systems have actually been utilized with no attributable unfavorable occasions, consisting of UTIs. External style Fits most male anatomy Keeps males dry & comfy Typical wear time as much as 24 hr per system 8 oz. urine collection pouch clears quickly Changes diapers, prophylactic catheters and clinically unneeded Foley catheters Links straight to a leg or bed bag for extended or over night usage

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Do You Offer Anything For Inflammation Or Inflammation From Usage?

This business is great at reacting, we would ask directly.our hubby has actually not experienced any inflammation or inflammation.

Question Question 2

Can This Catheter Connect To An Over Night Bag?


Question Question 3

The Number Of Been Available In A Plan?

Just one can be found in a bundle, for a one time usage.

Question Question 4

Can You Inform United States What Features This For The Rate? Is It Simply A One Day Product?

See our evaluationbelow we get 3 to 5 days, although the producer does not expect this.

Question Question 5

Is The Product Recyclable?


Question Question 6

Where Does The Bag Connect To Leg?

No accessories to protect bag to leg it simply hang totally free.

Question Question 7

Do Ineed A Prescription To Buy This From? If We Have A Prescription, Does Medicare Cover The Expense?

No Rx for purchase.Medicare needs Rx plus current doctors medical notes of go to every 3 months in order to pay. Some business will send out a 3 months supply.

Question Question 8

What Is Consisted Of With This Product? Is It The Apperatus Consisting Of The Collection Bag?

Device is connected to a little collection bag which can be connected to a leg bag or night bag.

Our Insights:

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These work extremely well other than for the little bag connected. It twists and shuts off. We cut the bag off and connect a tube with big drain bag.

We are circumcised, with a little dribble from prostate seed implants. We had fun with this product for 3 or 4 weeks prior to we struck on the “solution. ” to begin with, the tape offered need to capture on the rim of the catheter, or it’ll leakage. Second, the tape is too narrow. We utilize “3m nexcare absolute waterproof tape” (begun with 1″ wide from our local pharmacy, but now use 1-1/2″ width) to extend the hold length even more up the penis. The tape is elastic, similar to the one provided with the catheter. Functions like an appeal. We have actually been using the bags for 3 to 5 days each for a number of weeks, without any sign of skin damage, and am essentially uninformed of its existence other than when we require it. You require to let the bag hang down one leg, so do not bundle it up in tight underclothing. One caution– the bag is just about 250 ml, and if you over-fill it, the pressure will pull it off the penis (humiliating if it occurs in public. ), so we do not advise this for total incontinence. Relatively simple to empty, even in public toilet, although we generally enter into a cubicle rather than do it at a urinal.

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