Medline Contour Plus Bladder Control Incontinence Pads

Medline Contour Plus Bladder Control Incontinence Pads, Ultimate Absorbency

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  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Blue acquisition layer and super-absorbent core locks fluid and keeps it far from the body to assist secure the skin
  • Flexible leg gathers and contoured style develop a discreet, safe and comfy fit
  • Capri Plus bladder control pads have a breathable cloth-like external cover for a dry sensation versus the skin
  • Pad Size: 8″X17″

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Size: Load of 168Product DescriptionCapri Plus bladder control pads have a breathable cloth-like external cover for a dry sensation versus the skin.Manufacturer Contact Information1-800-MEDLINE

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Does This Have A Sticky Strip To Comply With Underweat?

yes it has a sticky strip

Question Question 2

Can These Be Utilized In A Depends Adult Diaper Or Are They Simply For Underclothing?

we utilized them in our Papa’s Depends.They assisted a lo, since Depends does not soak up as much.

Question Question 3

Are Medline Bladder Control Incontuinence Pads Are For Ladies Just?

we believe they have a males s line of products if you type it in the search Medline Bladder Products for usn and see what turns up it must reveal them.

Our Insights:

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We have actually been looking for this level of absorbency & defense all our life. Having actually had 3 c-sections, cervical cancer, and now we have persistent rheumatoid arthritis. All that combined with living in unbearable discomfort daily, our bladder is shot. When we need to go, attempting to stand & walk is a lot discomfort we damp ourself whenever, other than for now. When we initially opened these up, the very first thing we discovered was the size of these pads, they’re the longest, largest, pad we have actually ever seen. We are large size lady, and these offer us complete protection from front to back, they do not lot up, and they’re not large. These are actually on the thin side, however the protection is on point. The absorbency is fantastic. These are better than any pad or adult diaper that we have actually ever attempted. When we stand we practically empty out most if not all of our bladder, these pads soak up whatever, no leakes. And they keep you dry. We are so grateful that we do not need to be ashamed no longer with moistening ourself, and not too discuss we are on a budget plan, and we can buy these wholesale makes our pockets delighted. So if your fed up with investing your tough made money on high expense incontinence pads that leave you soaked, ashamed, and running for the restroom. Satisfy your permanently pads, look no more.

We not just have heavy menstrual durations however we likewise have bladder control problems. We required a pad that was as large, long and absorbent as we might get. Routine duration pads were no longer working also for us, even the over night pads. Over night bladder control pads likewise were not rather what we required. Somebody suggested these medline contour plus pads to me. Since they are just a few dollars more than the bladder control pads we would been utilizing, we chose to provide a shot. We are pleased we did, as these are the very best pads we have actually attempted to date. The very best aspect of these pads is that they are long and really large. They offer you more protection for perpetuity of the day and night and for when you are more active than regular. They likewise assist with unanticipated gushes of fluids. The worst aspect of these pads is that the adhesive strip on the back of the pad that sticks to your underclothing is too thin and the adhesive is not strong enough. The strip requires to be two times as large as it is now and requires to be two times as strong as it is now. If they were to alter this, this product would be a luxury product for us. These pads are relatively soft and versatile and are not too thick. We do not seem like we are using a small bed mattress when we are using them. These are fantastic pad in general.

We enjoy that they are larger and longer than other brand names. Hence, we do not utilize as numerous as formerly. We were hesitant in the beginning to attempt another brand name, however pleased that we did. Ever since we remained in the health center and this is what they utilize and for the very same factors. We would extremely advise them and the huge benefit is that they are less expensive than most and can be found in a great size. We simply want that they had paper around them for travel or in your bag.

These are the top product we have actually ever utilized. We have actually had diabetes for over twenty years and till we got it under control this year, we most constantly used some sort of defense. As any nurse will inform you, getting to the restroom can be almost difficult sometimes. Anyhow. We have at one time another attempted whatever. Things you must understand. They are big. However, they are sooo comfy. We truly believed they wouldn t work, that they would be too large. Remarkably they are not. They appear to fold and flex to be really comfortable. After a little bit of setting up, they remain where they belong. We feel great that we are secured. That alone deserves it.

We have actually utilized grace pads for 20+ years. We found this product when we were recuperating in a retirement home last month. We found them to be remarkable to the grace we have actually been utilizing all these years.

We found some at goodwill, and reluctantly attempted them. They were health center pads (delivery van had mishap). We wound up caring them for their plus size and protection, and mored than happy to find them online. Its like a large, thick pad. Its long, and works well for bladder discreet-ness. It is likewise long and thick enough for a big lady to utilize post partum (or with really heavy circulation).

Very first let us simply applaud this business, the shipping department, and the shipment chauffeur. Everybody accountable for bringing these products to us in such an exceptionally quick shipment time. We bought after midnight on friday and it s 11:42 pm sunday early morning in the middle of the remain in location order for the coronavirus. There are still individuals out there working and putting their lives in damages method to make certain this and numerous other requirements are provided. We simply wish to extend our gratitude and thank you for tasks extremely well done throughout this crisis.?????????????????????????? we will most absolutely be bought this product once again. We were really happily amazed when we opened the plan. We have actually been attempting them out and as far convenience 5?? s, keeping us dry, absorbency 5?? s, adhesion, 5?? s. The pads stayed with our finger and our underwears immediately and we have actually had no slippage after taking a seat, standing or walking in them. Thank you medline. Terrific product.

Life savers postpartum. Like the ones from the health center. Used them in the mesh short panties.

We have actually attempted numerous other brand names and this is without a doubt the very best we found.

Are usage it for our senior papa and we enjoy the width fits completely in his depends.

We bought this for our dad who is presently bedbound, and this has actually been the very best option to keeping him dry up until now due to incontinence (we combine it with an adult diaper). Came at the suggestion of a hospice team member, and is thin yet very absorbent. Fastest shipping we have actually ever translucented prime (we bought it 1 or 2am and got to our door by 9 or 10am). We are amazed and have actually been re-ordered as required since. 1 pack lasts us about 1 week.

Exact same pads gotten in health center for post partum healing- just ones that keep you dry.

We are over 300lbs and these are the best length and width will buy more.

They work extremely well.

We have actually had dripping legs for 15 years and have actually invested numerous dollars searching plasters. Went to center in the beginning however they didn’t assist much and an issue getting to and back because they will not let us drive any longer. These pads are life saver. Now we simply need to alter two times a day will walk around our big legs and feel great likewise. We took a velcro plaster and sufficed down to hold pad in location. This 91 years of age lady enjoys now hope this will assist somebody else.

We bought these for our mom. She likes them however states that she hesitates to use beyond your home for worry they may permit her bladder issue leakage through to her clothes. We still buy them for house and night usage. She continues to utilize constantly discrete for trips.

A great inner pad for our handicapped spouse to utilize throughout the night inside his diaper. Long length with great deals of absorbency. Super quick shipment, too. Thank you.

Initially we got this at health center after our infant was born. Then we bought from to utilize it in your home. Terrific absorbency, and comfy.

These worked extremely well for our mom. Its a really large fit and for a heavy circulation. Perhaps not the very best for those who can stroll.

We were provided these after our c area for postpartum bleeding in the health center. We are typically adverse womanly products however these worked fantastic.

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