Intimate Rose Kegel Exerciser Weights For Bladder Control For Women

Listen to Expert Pelvic Physical Therapist Amanda Olson discuss how easily urinary incontinence can be fixed for those who have weak pelvic floor muscles. Just by using the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System for 15 minutes per day, you can get stronger and tighter vaginal muscles to reduce bladder leaks when you cough, sneeze, run, jump, or exercise.

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Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise weights are for all women who want their body to feel like it used to. Whether childbirth is on the horizon, a recent memory, or menopause looms, these are exactly what you need for better bladder control, higher confidence, and that tight, sexy feeling!

We know you’re busy, so Intimate Rose developed these kegel weights to be used while on the go. Simply insert your perfect weight and go about your normal routine without adding another task to your list.

Our bodies take a toll as we age, especially after having kids. Some men are vocal about the looseness and lack of libido that can result. Other men are too polite to say anything. With the Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise System, you can regain your sexual confidence that you and your partner can FEEL!

Made of velvety smooth body-safe silicone, these pelvic floor weights offer the most comfortable and challenging kegels available including the maximum 125g (4.4oz) weight which is the heaviest on the market!

Some brands have just 2 kegel exerciser weights that don’t offer enough range or challenege. Other brands are made from a cheap plastic that is both uncomfortable and can collect dirt.

Intimate Rose solves all of these problems by being 100% waterproof and non-porous for easy cleaning and has a range of weights so everyone from postpartum moms to seasoned yogis can have a perfectly comfortable kegel exercise.

Every Woman Can Benefit From The Intimate Rose system Including Those Suffering From:

1. Embarrassing leaks when sneezing, coughing or laughing

2. Weak pelvic floor muscles before and after childbirth

3. Urinary stress incontinence

4. Boring sex life

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Intimate Rose Kegel Exercise Weights Are Doctor Recommended

How To Fix Bladder Leaks, Urine Leaks, Urinary Incontinence With Intimate Rose Kegel Exercises