Inspired Comforts Urine Leg Bag Cover

Inspired Comforts Urine Leg Bag Cover

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  • Efficiently sized to DISCREETLY hold a urine bag of approximately 2000 ml and cover the drain tube with consisted of adjustable length tube cover
  • Big AVAILABLE opening for catheter bag insertion confined with simple open snaps; drain bag by means of simple gain access to bottom stick-on opening
  • Created for PERSONAL PRIVACY and to make it possible for MOVEMENT and CONVENIENCE
  • MULTIPLE choices to bring the cover: safe cover on leg with adjustable strap and after that either utilize the long detachable adjustable strap to bring it or hang it on your belt utilizing the 2 belt loops offered
  • The catheter bag holder is made from simple care, washable nylon material; hand wash and air dry

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Urine Drain Bag Holder with Adjustable Strap Presenting the Inspired Comforts Urine Drain Leg Bag Holder specifically created to assist keep PERSONAL PRIVACY, MOVEMENT and CONVENIENCE for people with catheters. FEEL AND LOOK TRENDY with a customized FUNCTIONAL style, prevent bring plastic or makeshift bags that wear t deal you complete performance and personal privacy. Customized for brave people and enjoyed ones keen on optimizing their experiences regardless of the conditions and difficulties they deal with, permitting them to handle their condition, without needing to fret about exposing themselves or compromising their movement and personal privacy. There is no requirement to compromise your social life, convenience or design. Look excellent and feelbetter – Snap openings on top and a stick-on hook & loop opening at the bottom enables simple urine bag insertion and DISCREET drain – Consists of a pipeline cover that remains the drain tube and offers additional personal privacy – Created to be connected around ones thigh and likewise includes (1) an adjustable length strap for simple hand bring or slinging throughout one s shoulder on the go and (2) 2 straps to hang onto one s belt if chosen – Easy care, soft, washable nylon product Created with love, remembering the experience of our enjoyed ones, their caretakers and the feedback of our brave consumers SECRET INCLUDES PERSONAL PRIVACY FOCUSED Drain tube cover guarantees personal privacy FLEXIBLE BRING ALTERNATIVES Connect around leg and hang by means of belt or throughout shoulder CREATED FOR SIMPLE GAIN ACCESS TO Stick on fasteners and snaps permit simple bag insertion and drain TRENDY CUSTOMIZED STYLE Prevent makeshift, undependable and uncomplimentary services Check out more Our Motivation & Objective As a group inspired by our enjoyed ones, we comprehend how essential it is to not need to think of every little information when you should have delight and convenience and to have things simply work so you can concentrate on your journey. We hope that with our cumulative experience and inspired services we can bring some delight and convenience to you. We want you well. Invite to Inspired Comforts Our company believe in using Convenience, Self-respect, Design and Personal privacy Our company believe the journey is both physical and psychological which looking excellent can drive sensation better Our company believe that a person size fits all generic wear isn’t ideal for everybody and think in thoughtful, tailored high quality clothes We delight in and concentrate on planning ahead so you can concentrate on yourself Our company believe in thrilling our consumers and like hearing your stories and belonging of your journey We go for excellence however think in making things right when we undoubtedly make errors Our company believe in returning and bringing delight any place we can Check out more

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Love, love. Makes the entire catheter less obvious.

Has all the functions we desire.

Functions terrific. Easy to utilize.

The straps were long enough and fit throughout shoulder fine.

Rate is reasonable for total set.

To cover her urine bag and tube.

Perfect for covering our catheter bag and comfortable to use.

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