Hollister Leg Bag Strap Medium

Hollister Leg Bag Strap Medium

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  • Straps ONLY
  • Product is offered as (1) Set

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Straps ONLY. Soft, long lasting vinyl. Wide, adjustable, premium straps avoid skin damage due to slippage of straps versus skin, leading to client convenience. Non-slip, latex-free rib is woven into broad straps. Stepped port. Leg bag strap port buttons. Easy-to-apply plastic belt tabs link easily to buttons on the leg bag; yet hold the bag firmly in location. For Hollister Integrated leg bags just. Maker washable and multiple-use.

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Question Question 1

The Length Of Time Are The Medium Leg Bag Straps?

Never ever determined, however utilize them from knee to ankle, and more than enough time.

Question Question 2

The Length Of Time Is The Extension Tube?


Question Question 3

The Description Speak About The Straps However States Absolutely Nothing About Television. Is Television Consisted Of As The Image Reveals?

When you purchase the Leg Bag, it consists of the tubing along with the strapping.

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Fit the bag we had.

Functions well, simply require extension tube to link to catheter.

We have actually had this condition for several years. No one informed us how to rig up a leg bag. We simply found out by experimentation. That stated, this is among the very best bag systems we havefound You can put a pad of moleskin on the back so it does not seem like a cold clamour bag of … The straps are dependable and method more bearable than the little straps that include the other bag. It’s a bump up from vinyl, comfy and inexpensive. You can wash them with vinegar and utilize them for weeks.

Fantastic quality of this specific leg bag. Have actually been utilizing this one for about a year. Our other half chooses this one. Just one thing he dislikes is that the bag tends to stay with the leg throughout warm weather condition and when he stands it pulls the leg bag far from the urostoour pouch however we rapidly repair that issues we made pouches to slip on the bags, so they do not stick any longer, will continue to buy them. Fantastic quality.

Thee are the very best leg bags that we have actually attempted up until now, they remain in location.

No concerns.

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