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Hello Diva Deluxe Kegel Exercise Kit for Women 6 Progressive Weights Strengthens Pelvic Floor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hello Diva Deluxe Kegel Exercise Kit for Women 6 Progressive Weights Strengthens Pelvic Floor.

  • IMPROVED CONTROL & STRENGTH The Hello Diva Kegel exercise system helps restore your confidence by strengthening your pelvic floor strength with just a few minutes a day, with results being seen within just a few weeks.
  • COMFORTABLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE Enjoy tighter pelvic muscles and improved bladder control, especially if you have small accidents when sneezing, laughing or coughing. They also work great no matter your size, shape or needs.
  • PROGRESSIVE EXERCISE SYSTEM Each system includes six total weights, allowing you to grow and strengthen your Kegels at your own pace. Better yet, because they re different sizes, you ll find one that comfortably fits your body.
  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE NEEDS Covering multiple personal needs, our exercise kit can help strengthen pelvic wall muscles before or after childbirth, or reduce fecal or urinary stress incontinence, vaginal prolapse and pelvic dysfunction.
  • PREMIUM-GRADE SILICONE Each Kegel weight is made with hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone free of BPA and phthalates, making it safe for your skin, easy to clean, and comfortable when inserting into your vagina.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Hello Diva Deluxe Kegel Exercise Kit for Women 6 Progressive Weights Strengthens Pelvic Floor.Improve your vaginal strength to reduce bladder problems, prepare for childbirth, or simply fortify your female confidence. If you re suffering from incontinence due to a weak bladder, looking to strengthen your vagina after giving birth, or struggle with peeing when you sneeze, laugh or move too quickly, then you need the Hello Dive Kegel Exercise Kit to help you take back your confidence and your vaginal control. Daily Support and Strength Gains When you suffer from weak bladder control, vaginal prolapse, or weak pelvic muscles due to childbirth, it can cause daily annoyances and long-term health problems. That s why our Kegel weight system can be used just a few minutes each day to help rebuild the tightness and strength of your pelvic floor. Soft, Comfortable Silicone The Hello Dive Kegel Exercise Kit is made with medical-grade silicone that s hypoallergenic and BPA free to ensure it s safe, easy to clean, and won t harm your body. Great for adult women of all shapes, sizes and vaginal strength needs, our Kegel exercise trainers will help you recapture your youthful womanhood. Product Details: Six (6) Kegel Weights Weights Range from 1.05 oz. 4.79 oz. Medical Grade Soft Silicone Varying Colors Recommended Use: 15 Minutes per Day While Moving or Standing Wash with Mild Soap and Warm Water Note:Use with water-based lubricants as necessary. Improve your vaginal muscles and feel more confident in your womanhood by clicking Add to Cart today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hello Diva Deluxe Kegel Exercise Kit for Women 6 Progressive Weights Strengthens Pelvic Floor.

Question Question 1

Are The Strings Very Flexible?The Look Rigid.?

Yes, they’re very soft and flexible.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Hello Diva Deluxe Kegel Exercise Kit for Women 6 Progressive Weights Strengthens Pelvic Floor, these might be useful for better understanding.

We suppose like is a bit strong. It is a very useful thing for keeping a small part of your body strong and functioning well for one’s health and comfort.

Works well nicely made.

We love these, they’re are so easy to use and it comes with different sizes. We would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy these.

Work great.

So, we have been using kegel weights for awhile and think they are super effective and we love that you don’t have to think about them. We pop one in in the morning and leave it in until it falls out (which is only occasionally not close to a bathroom and then highly inconvenient and uncomfortable, but we digress. )we had originally ordered a pair of weights (intifit, if you must know) but the small ball was way too light for our needs and we never used it and the double ball, well. It was a little long and the top was pokey (who thought of putting a pointy part near your cervix. ?) and the string was weirdly uncomfortable for the. Ummm. Labially blessed among us. Furthermore, the double ball design meant that when it fell out in public (as mentioned above) you got pinched in places that normally wouldn’t like to be pinched. That being said, it was approximately the correct weight, at least at the beginning, but we can keep it in for hours before it falls out and we wanted to progress a little further. We got these today and wow, what a difference. The design is incredibly comfortable (that double ball was killing me. And no more pokey bits. ) and even though the string looks the same for some reason it is also way more comfortable than the old one. We chose these over the other variable weights because it was a) cheaper and b) heavier, so win-win. The lighter ones are wasted on us since we have been using weights for awhile, but that’s okay, worth it for the heavier ones. If you are looking for kegel weights we highly recommend you go with these ones.

Thank you.

Very fast delivery and once delivered seller contacted us immediately with detailed care/use instructions and to make sure everything was going okay so far. The product is extremely comfortable and easy to use. Comes with a discrete storage bag. So far so good.

They’re great. They’re easy to use and after just a few weeks, we never pee when we sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. Actually, we have found there are many benefits to having a strong pelvic floor.

Awesome customer service and support. Great product, nicely made. Fast shipping, thanks.

Arrived on time that’s always a plus. We are in love with the variety of weights. The heaviest we have seen so far. We have no complaints they do the job. We just have to get consistent :).

These are heavy. We looked at kegel weights for a long time before settling on these, and we are so glad we did. We are 29 and had a baby 4 years ago. Peeing a little when we cough is extremely embarrassing even though we know it is very common. We always thought our pelvic floor was pretty strong (even after giving birth) but we were surprised when we struggled to hold the 3rd heaviest weight in (they’re heavier than we thought they’d be). We ultimately bought these because they offer progressively heavier weights (some of the heaviest we have found online). They’re soft, easy to clean and the perfect size and shape. If you’re on the fence about these, you wont be dissapointed.

We love it. We used it all the time.

We have strong muscles but thought that buying this would give us additional exercise so we could ensure we are keeping strength. Used the second heaviest weight and it held up no problem. That was yesterday. Today we are walking with the heaviest weight and no problem. Good product, cleans easy. Wish there was additional resistance though. Update: if you’re looking for additional resistance, do squats while wearing these. Perfect for core workouts.

They’re kegels. Nice shape for easy insertion, love that they’re color graded by weight (though the color scheme could use a little tweaking so that the more reddish one fit in with the scheme). We were able to start off with the second weight rather than the first. Glad that the last is actually very heavy (we mean, for a kegel), so we know that once we get to that weight our pelvic floor will be very strong. The only thing we would change is that it would be nice if this came with some kind of case that would house the clean weights discretely. Can’t really complain about that though since the weights are high quality and work perfectly.

Sizes 1-3 provide no help. 4 is ok. Wish it had come with 5 & 6 only. Shame to waste the other with no use. Otherwise, great item. The 6 items are very soft and not rubbery feeling.

Does as described but sadly returning them. Not heavy enough for us.

Easy to use.

Makes a huge difference.

The product arrived on time. We feel like it’s a high quality product as far as how well it’s made and packaged. The pouch to store them in is great. The instructions for cleaning them is good, but we would have liked to have more information on the proper placement and wearing of them. We guess maybe it should be simple enough, put in place and walk around. We think a little more information would give us a little more confidence that we are using them correctly to get the results we would like from the product. This would be our only complaint and over all we would recommend the product to others.

We love it. It’s what we were looking for, oppose surgery. Thank you.

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