Flotrol Review

Flotrol bladder control is the best, safe and natural herbal supplement made to strengthen the bladder. It combats the bladder problems in both men and women effectively.

The Flotrol supplement will help strengthen the muscles while also having a distinctive calming effect on the bladder. It is a combination of soy germ extract and lipid-free pumpkin seed extract. Soy is recognized as to become good for maintaining a healthy and balanced bladder. It really works.


Key Features

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Formulated Especially For Mature Adults
  • Clinically Proven, Effective & Safe
  • Excellent Customer Feedback
  • Money Back Guarantee

  • It helps to calm your bladder to boost urinary flow.
  • It prevents discomfort during urination.
  • It strengthens muscles in bladder.
  • It soothes cramping and inflammation.
  • It can really help reduce an enlarged prostate.
  • There’s absolutely no free trial.
  • No money-back guarantee is offered regarding the product.
  • It can only be ordered online.
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Flotrol – The Best Natural Bladder Control Product

Today, we find that lots of elderly men and women are having problems with overactive bladder. It is the problems that make one uncomfortable. Frequent urination becomes really difficult to handle.

Overactive bladder is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide and can be an embarrassing condition, although it’s not considered serious.

It’s an inconvenience to say the least, with having to run to the bathroom many times throughout the day and night. People with overactive bladders also have to deal with the occasional accident, which can be extremely embarrassing.

It seems to affect men and women equally; men tend to also suffer from incontinence, while women are more likely to suffer from urine leakage when they laugh or cough.

There are prescriptions available to deal with the problem, but many are expensive, and come with potentially harmful side effects, such as constipation and dry mouth.

The prescriptions are generally not recommended for people with glaucoma, or slow heart rate. Many sufferers are looking for more natural ways to deal with their problem.

To overcome these bladder control problems, today there are plenty of natural herbal products that suit you most. Flotrol bladder control is considered as the best herbal items that promotes health and benefits to the bladder. Flotrol is the best, safest and effective solution to your unwanted urine leakage.

In this article, however, we put forward the importance and workings of Flotrol as the ultimate solution to your bladder problems. It really will help you choose in a rather confident manner after reading this Flotrol review.

Get rid of overactive bladder and its related problems with Flotrol, the effective nutritional supplement for your bladder health and functions.

Overactive Bladder: A Common Problem

Health care providers have recently discovered that overactive bladder is something that affects more people than previously thought. It is very common, especially in obese women, and those over 50. African-American women are thought to be more susceptible to the problem.

In fact, millions of people in North America are thought to suffer from overactive bladder with 4 million suffering in the U.S. alone. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke can make the condition worse.

It’s not considered serious, although it should be diagnosed and treated so it doesn’t become worse, or develop into something more serious. Only a doctor or health-care professional can make a proper diagnosis.

About Flotrol

The Flotrol Company was established in 2002. It offers the all-natural remedy to elderly men and women to maintain an overall health and happiness. Flotrol is made with effective, safe and natural, botanical ingredients to give the best relief to overactive bladder. This Flotrol is present in capsule form and is available only online till date. This product is being supplied to the whole world.

Features Of Flotrol

  • Calms your bladder and boosts the urinary flow
  • Strengthens muscles in your bladder
  • Soothes inflammation and cramping
  • Prevents discomfort during urination
  • Reduces an enlarged prostate

What Exactly Is Flotrol?

Flotrol is the best health supplement for treatment of overactive bladder functions. It includes botanical ingredients that are safe, effective and boosts bladder health.

It is clinically proven to improve overall bladder health. It bolsters the bladder walls by enabling it to contract and relax for normal urination. It prevents slight leakage and incontinence as well. It is useful to be taken by both men and women.

It really normalizes your bladder functions in a healthy manner. It gives positive results within two weeks of regular use of the product. It comes in tablet form.

What Are The Potent Ingredients?

These two ingredients are quite famous for treatment of bladder problems since ages. The most important ingredients in Flotrol are:

1. Soybean germ extract

Soybean germ extract helps to increase estrogens levels. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the bladder by enhancing the blast of urine and alleviates urination related pain.

2. Pumpkin seed extract

Pumpkin seeds are scientifically proven to really help to decrease the unintended contraction related with bladder that prevents involuntary leakage.

Does Flotrol Bladder Control Really Work?

Flotrol is the well-known nutritional supplement today that is made solely for the treatment of bladder problems in both elderly men and women. It works to normalise the level of bladder muscles that fails to contract and relax properly for a total and normal urine passage.

With Flotrol you can finally say good-bye to that awful and pressing feeling you must need to visit straight away to the bathroom, a sensation that you can’t keep in tract. Flotrol is the most amazing product to fight bladder problems completely. It’s worth trying.

How Exactly Does It Work?

This bladder control product, Flotrol has active ingredients like pumpkin seed and soy extract to improve endocrine system health. It strengthens the bladder and the urinary tract and improves the overall system.

Flotrol is the most effective and safe nutritional supplements to promote better bladder function, lower the frequency of accidents especially when taken along with exercises that bolster your bladder muscles. The results are quite tremendous for overall urinary health and maintenance.

Flotrol Bladder Control Pros And Cons


Flotrol is made with all-natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective on treating overactive bladder and incontinence issues.

There are no ill side effects or discomfort experienced by anyone who has taken the product.

  • It is much more cost-effective than many prescriptions, without the harsh side effects.
  • It can be taken by both men and women.
  • It has been proven to work quickly, often after the first week.
  • It offers two free bottles.
  • It keeps urinary system and bladder healthy.
  • It helps the bladder walls in tone.
  • It balances normal functioning of the bladder.
  • It includes no negative side effects at all.
  • It gains plenty of positive feedbacks from its customers.
  • It improves urinary tract health.


  • The claims by the manufacturer of Flotrol are not backed up or endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • The 90-day money back guarantee does not cover opened or used portion of the product.
  • It is available to be purchased only online.

Is This Natural Bladder Control Truly Safe And Effective?

Because the ingredients are all-natural, Flotrol is considered safe and effective for most everyone, even women who are pregnant or nursing (although it’s always best to check with your health care provider first). In clinical studies, people reported no ill side effects or discomfort.

In the study, subjects were carefully monitored and evaluated including measuring the frequency of urination. Improvement was shown after the first week, and many subjects continued to improve well into week six.

The frequency of urination slowed considerably, and there were no urges to run to the bathroom several times a day or night. Most reported an improvement in urinary tract health as well as overall quality of life.

Potential Negative Effects

Flotrol is being made completely from food based ingredients. Thus your body has the availability to process the product with no bacteria and toxins. Till date, there are no reported side effects from anyone utilizing this product.

Suggested Dosage

You must take 5 tablets of Flotrol daily with meals for at least 2 weeks. Then after that you can decrease by taking just 3 tables daily from the third week onwards for better maintenance. Constant use of this tablet will help to control the overactive bladder.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone who suffers from overactive bladder can benefit from Flotrol. It is considered safe for pregnant and nursing women, but they should see their doctor first before taking Flotrol.

Overactive bladder is defined as having the urge to urinate frequently throughout the day and night, along with occasional loss of bladder control. It is most common among men over 60, and post-menopausal women, although it can develop at any age. This condition can also cause sleep deprivation, stress, depression and embarrassment.

If you suffer from an overactive bladder and want to gain back control over your life, then Flotrol may help.

Do You Need This Product?

If you have suffered the odd bit of leakage, it’s perhaps safe to say that it’s pretty normal and you won’t need a product like Flotrol. But it’s the recurring leaking that is the problem. It’s embarrassing particularly if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, you don’t want to live your life refraining doing the things you love because of an overactive bladder.

Even things like laughing, sneezing, coughing or a sudden physical reaction can cause leakage; so, it’s best to take something for this I would say.

Consumer Reviews

The majority of people who have purchased and used Flotrol are giving it rave reviews. Most say that they saw improvements in their overall quality of life, and that the product started to work within the first couple of weeks.

Both men and women had equally successful results. Many consumers seem to be above 50 years of age. There were no reports of ill side effects or discomforts of any kind.

Some said that they took the product in addition to a prescription that their doctor gave them. There seem to be no long-term effects to using the product continuously for more than six weeks, although your doctor should be consulted if you have any questions regarding the product and length of use.


There are a couple of bonuses that come with buying Flotrol. When you purchase a three-month supply, you’ll get one month for free (one extra bottle). When you purchase a four-month supply, you’ll receive an additional two months for free (two extra bottles).

This makes the four-month option the best deal, although if you are purchasing for the first time, you may want to buy a lesser quantity, so you can be sure that it works for you first. If you request a refund, all unopened packages must be returned.


If you suffer from overactive bladder, and/or incontinence and want to gain back control of your life, Flotrol may be for you. At a cost that won’t break the bank, it’s worth trying, if you want a natural alternative to harsh medications.

The product promises to lessen your frequent urges to urinate, as well as give you back your confidence and self-esteem. The site also offers some healthy tips and guidelines on how to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which may also help with overactive bladder.

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