Depend Incontinence Guards for Men

Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency.

  • Depend Guards Incontinence Pads for Men with maximum absorbency for bigger rises of dampness Now more versatile than previous Depend Guards for Men
  • Cup-like shape for close fit without bulk and strong adhesive to lock the Guard in location in your briefs or fighter briefs
  • Non reusable incontinence pads with Comfort-Flex leakage barriers for comfy security when active
  • Bladder leak security with stress-free smell control that’s separately covered in a pocket-sized, discreet-to-carry grey pouch
  • Masculine-looking pads developed to fit a guy’s body and are FSA-eligible in the U.S.; Product packaging might differ from images revealed

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Men be worthy of an incontinence pad developed particularly for their bodies with security that fits their way of life. Depend Guards Incontinence Pads for Men are now more versatile vs. previous Depend Guards for Men with the very same discreet, comfy security. Depend Guards have maximum absorbency for bigger rises of dampness and deal cup-shaped security that suits your own briefs or fighter briefs. They must not be used with fighters. Men’s Depend Guards include a strong adhesive and Comfort-Flex leakage barriers for security when active. Each Guard comes separately covered in a discreet, pocket-sized pouch for simple bring and disposal. To utilize, peel the paper strip and make certain the arrow deals with up prior to putting within your underclothing. Depend adult incontinence products are latex-free, lotion-free and fragrance-free. Depend Guards for Men are one-size-fits-all and developed with a guy s body in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency.

Question Question 1

What Is The Mesuare?

There is just one size. we believe the length is roughly 10 inches and width is roughly 3 inches on one side and about 4 inches on the top. we are not exactly sure if that’s what you implied by ‘measurements’.

Question Question 2

How Quickly Do These Need To Be Altered After Urinating?

You do not need to alter after each leak. It depends upon just how much you leakage. The pad will hold urine however has a limitation. we utilize one pad a day. You will need to tryout and see when to alter a pad.

Question Question 3

Do They Hold A Complete Bladder Empty?

for us they hold about 80% for us they hold about 80%for us they hold 80-90%, not rather all

Question Question 4

Would These Work For A Bedwetter?

Everyone is various and these might work for some individuals. Please keep in mind that these are developed to be used with briefs and fighter briefs, however not fighters. If the individual is a heavy wetter, we do have other products that might be more matched to those requirements. Thanks.

Question Question 5

Do These Pads Have Any Adhesive On The Back In Order To Stay With Briefs?

Yes, the pads do have an adhesive on the back.You peel the covering strip, and after that stick the pad to the brief.It works well.

Question Question 6

Will These Deal With Boxers As The Product Description States?

we have actually used these pads and other comparable pads for 20+ years.Prostate cancer surgical treatment = leakage.In our experience, the smaller sized and tighter you use your underclothing the better these pads will work and keep you dry.Bikini-style underclothing work terrific for us as do the tighter shorts with a pouch in them for our “package” we have actually used these pads and other comparable pads for 20+ years.Prostate cancer surgical treatment = leakage.In our experience, the smaller sized and tighter you use your underclothing the better these pads will work and keep you dry.Bikini-style underclothing work terrific for us as do the tighter shorts with a pouch in them for our”package” we can guarantee you that using these pads with fighters is most likely a bad concept which your shoes and legs will be damp extremely frequently.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Packs Of 52 Do You Get? We Hope You Get 2 Loads For This Cost However It Doesn’T State. Nevertheless, Among The Pictures Reveals 2 In A Box.?

You get 2 bundles of 52, 104 in overall. Thanks.

Question Question 8

Are Incontinence Pads Utilized With The Dependincontinence Briefs?

Thanks for your question. It is not essential to use our incontinence pads with our incontinence briefs.

Question Question 9

Are These Great For Overnight Usage?

they are thick, constant, safe and secure. we can trust on them for the whole day.

Question Question 10

We Will Utilize For Very First Time. Our Concern Is Dribble/Leakage Due To The Fact That We Are Slow Getting To Toilet. Can Pads Sustain Multi Drips Or Must We Modification Each Time?

Hi Gerald. Our Depend Guards for Men are developed to safeguard versus bigger bladder leakages and are made to be utilized one time. Thanks, and we hope this assists.

Question Question 11

Do You Have Numerous Levels Comparable To Tena? We Required Something Equal To Theirlevel 3?

You will most likely need to do some research with Tena.

Question Question 12

Are They Flushable? Will They Obstruct Our Toilet?

Our Depend Guards for Men are most definitely NOT flushable. Do not flush them down your toilet.

Question Question 13

Do They Make Something For Bed Sores?

we are not conscious whether that specific business makes products for bed sores, maybe you must call your doctor about that, especially if an individual has delicate skin.

Question Question 14

What Took Place To Getting Tena Pads With Prime Free Shipping?

You can still buy Tena pads for usn here on, if that’s the taste you choose.

Question Question 15

How We Stop Automatic Shipment Of Product?

You cancel “auto-ship” on the order page.we do not get on “auto-ship.”

Question Question 16

How Determine Sizing?

One size fits all. The essential us to use tight fitting briefs. we like the Jockey brand name.

Question Question 17

No Place Does It State The Size.What Size Fit A Big Guy?

we order for a guy who has a 38 inch waist and typical size bottom.His size is a medium.A male much bigger than that must increase a size.Remember, these are guards and are practically developed to accommodate any size.They fit inside the Depend and/or underclothing and are implied to include more absorbency security.

Question Question 18

Any Concepts On Similiar Products For Fecal Incontinence?

we utilize these for small fecal incontinence and some hemorrhoid/rectal bleeding after cancer surgery.we turn them in reverse and move higher in the behind of our briefs to cover the rectal location rather of the front area.Works well for us by doing this and offers us th guarantee we are not going to soil or bleed through our trousers.

Question Question 19

Would This Operate In The Rear, Our Hubby Is Leaving Spots On His Underpants?

this product is formed to supply more security in the front location. We suggest your partner attempts all-over security, like our Depend Fit Flex Underclothing. Thanks for your question.

Question Question 20

Has This The Capability To Reduce The Effects Of The Smell?

Will hold smell for a while, when too damp will begin to odor.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Depend Incontinence Guards for Men, Maximum Absorbency, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We might not be more happy. We are caring for a good friend who experiences overflow incontinence due to a neurological condition. He had actually been utilizing teena medium absorbency pads (which are terrific for the day by the method ). He attempted bring up for sleeping in addition to the teena’s and there was constantly leak which implied a clean down with damp wipes, modification of underclothing and modification of bed pads. At nights it was a continuous fight to keep tidy and keep dry. Constantly developing great deals of laundry and great deals of garbage going through numerous non reusable bed pads in addition to dripping onto water resistant mats. These are god send out. They do not leakage. They have actually collected edges that keep all the liquid in location. We might not be more pleased to of found these which they work so well. Conserving all of us from unpleasant messes and being more disrupted in the night. Now it’s simply a journey to the restroom and the altering of a pad, even his underclothing was still dry. So pleased this product exists, we can’t suggest enough.

Our partner has incontinence problems due to prostate and urinary surgical treatment. Incontinence, we believe, can be even more tough for usn, passing his experience. We will not state “he loves” these pads, who would? however he feels they match him the very best. And this is a long-term problem. There is no smell either. He states they feel more comfy and safe and secure for him.

If you are caring for somebody who has incontinence problems, or if you are guy handling this, these guards are huge aid. With our papa, who is continuously cold and uses a number of layers of clothes, to alter him through out the day, can be extremely time consuming. He uses his routine pants or denims however likewise long johns, all year long. Prior to we found the inserts, we needed to get papa totally undressed from waist down simply to alter a damp depends. (due to the fact that there are no good day time diapers with tabs, so they need to be pulled on from the feet up, not put on like a kid’s diaper with tabs on the side. )now when papa has actually just been using the depends a number of hours however we desire him to feel dry, you simply swop in a brand-new insert for the old and he is all set, good and dry in a few seconds, with out totally un dressing.

When whatever lines up, this pad is terrific and gets the job done (thus 4 stars). The only thing is the style obviously being a ladies’s pad adjusted for usn. Tena makes a pad that takes into account the anatoour of a guy which we have found to be better at capturing all of the urine no matter what side you use “it” on.

We had our prostatectoour 22 years earlier and have actually been utilizing these pads for about the last twenty years. They have some quality assurance issues, that is, often you will get a pack where the joints on the pads split up, and often you get a pack where the adhesive that holds the pad in location is inadequate, however we have actually attempted the majority of the pads on the marketplace and these appear to us the very best worth for the cash. Warts and all, we will continue to buy them.

2 weeks post op laproscopic prostate sugery1 week after catheter removalwe are publishing this evaluation for all 3 depends products that we acquired on: light and heavy guards and the men s light briefs. Excellent productsshieldsthe guards products had terrific absorbency however they suggest utilizing with briefs, rather fighters. It was a bit tough to place in the pad at the appropriate height, however no a big issue. The issue is that our briefs were a stretch sport quick– held the pad well and the waist band was right over the 5 cut websites– and extremely unpleasant. Chosen to attempt some low-cost briefs– a measure. Reduced the pressure on the waist band however the guard walked around excessive due to the fact that the briefs were looser. We changed (on the 3rd day after the catherer was eliminated) to the depends briefs (light absorbency). Much more comfy at the cut website. So it s a diaper– it works. You can attempt including a pad, however it adheres to absorbent product of the quick. You can t truly rearrange the pad after it is stayed with the pad in the quick. Need to alter both at the very same time. Not a huge offer if you require the additional security. Neither the guards nor the briefs look odd in the looser fitting trousers (to decrease pressure cut websites) when out in public.

We buy these for our little senior pets who use washable diapers due to incontinence. One has kidney failure, and beverages lots of water, so a high quality product like this truly assists. These guards take in more than any of the ladies’s products we have actually attempted, yet they cost less. They are ideal for overnight, and it has actually been the only product effective in avoiding leakages.

We purchased these for our action kid. He is a 9 years of age with spina bifida and uses a diaper 24/7. We dislike the dominates that he makes it through medicaid. They do not hold quite and the cotton in them break down. These truly assist take in the additional fluids and avoid the dripping issues we were having.

We utilized these for a number of years and as we grow older count on them practically daily to take in leakages and keep damp areas from appearing on our trousers for daily activities they remain in location well and are need to for us while taking a trip. Contrary to some old evaluations they have no smell of their own however might smell a bit ripe when eliminated after a long day depending upon your individual chemistry. The precise positioning of the pad might need a little bit of experimentation to get the very best fit for you. We likewise suggest the light variation of these pads if you do not leakage a lot. When taking a trip and it is not truly possible to stop we have actually filled one enough to take the pressure off without leak. Simply make certain it is still in location initially. (found out that the difficult method) we will buy these once again and do recomend them to our good friends. Sure there are other products, we attempted a number of, you must too and find which works finest for you.

They do an excellent task of holding liquid as much as about 5oz. After about 2oz the pad begins to end up being bothersome and it is time to consider altering it. Went for a 1. 5 mile walk and saw our trousers were damp. The pad was overfull at about 7oz of liquid. Been monitoring the weight wanting to see some enhancement with the incontinence problem after having a prostatectoour. We have no concept how these will work if we go back to our task. After the last walk and our trousers getting damp we are not exactly sure we see ourself going back to work. These pads enable us to leave house for brief time periods.

We had prostate surgical treatment, and the medical professional informed us to get adult diapers, however the nurse specialist stated that these male pads can do the task. And she was right. It was absolutely absorbent and after a few weeks, we actually began to cut them in half, as we began to recover and didn’t require an entire pad. These are a lot less large than an adult diaper, if you are urinary incontinence, specifically after prostate surgical treatment. You will require to use form-fitting underclothing to hold them in location, so forget attempting to use them with fighters. If you wish to use your fighters, then go to an adult diaper.

Purchased these things throughout a duration when we were having problem with leakages and dribbles. Our medical professional has actually because changed among our medications and the issue no longer exists however, considering our age and weight, believe we will keep them around. The worked fairly for us. One side has an adhesive to connected the pad to your underclothing and the opposite is absorbent. They have little flaps or wings along the edge to assist include things. We are huge and fat (6 4, ~ 315 pounds) so there isn’t a great deal of space down there. This bad it tough to correctly place the absorbent and keep it there. Nevertheless, the pads did their task for the few weeks it took for the med modification to work. As we stated, we are getting them around, simply in case.

These are the very best we ever purchased. We utilize these in our male pets cover, as he is 15 and the covers without this guard won t hold all his urine. These are terrific pads. Thick, and definitely mask a great deal of the sweet smelling smell and most importantly wear t leakage, even when folding to toss. Extremely suggest.

We had an extreme prostatectoour a month earlier, the outcome of which is moderate incontinence. This product has actually worked incredibly well for us: one gets us through the day and one gets us through the night. We have actually never ever had any leak, nor have we ever reached the theoretical absorbancy limitations. Those who have more considerable incontinence might require to utilize more of the guards throughout the day and/or night.

We have actually purchased these formerly and they came packaged as depends product. This order was available in generic white bundle. The external grey wrapper is bigger than regular. Not an issue, simply looks like they were not implied to choose this product. The fit feels various then previous depends product. They feel a little thicker then what we felt with previous order.

Our issue is rather various because during the night we appear to sleep so deeply sometimes that our bladder doesn t wake us resulting light to moderate leak. The depend pads quickly manage this. The pads are little bulkier than we anticipated so we may provide the lighter absorption pads a shot however, better safe than sorry with the maximum absorption pads. Currently, we just utilize the pads while sleeping and find we wear t requirement to utilize the adhesive strip to keep them in location. Because we wear t soak the pads, we can utilize the pad s little private wrapping bundle for disposal.

Diapers alone is inadequate for a huge rise. These guards are paradise’s sent out.

Bladder cancer treatments, bcg, and interferon over a number of years have actually triggered regular urination. Ideally, this disappears in time, cancer-free currently, however up until then these pads been available in useful. We can now go for long drives and not stress if we have an “accident” not of the traffic kind. We extremely suggest these pads.

We attempted depends very first and due to the fact that of the great evaluations and lower cost chose to change to dominate. They are not as great, we had more issues with these than the depends maximum absorbency pads our incontinence was decreasing however we were having more problems with overflow and staining clothes. We didn’t survive half of the order/box prior to we reordered the depends maximum absorbency shields/pads. Likewise, we like that the depends are separately covered and trifolded which permitted them to take a tripbetter The dominate are folded in half and not separately covered.

Although we do utilize adult diapers, on field trip we have an “emergency” package that we put in our truck that has a routine set of “jocky” type underclothing and 3 or 4 guards. The system has actually been required a few times and the guards have actually shown to be an extremely reputable back up system.

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