Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum Absorbency

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Here are a few main benefits of Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum Absorbency.

  • Incontinence underwear with maximum absorbency, smell control and soft, versatile material is Your Finest Convenience and Defense Surefire *
  • Product soaks up right away, keeping you dry and secured from bladder leakages so you can tackle your day, stress-free
  • Form-fitting flexible hairs for a smooth, discreet fit under clothing that are versatile to move with you, unlike large adult diapers
  • Amazingly soft incontinence or postpartum underwear, now in a stunning blush color with 3 brand-new womanly styles, and SureFit waistband for a comfy, underwear-like fit
  • Depend adult incontinence products constantly ship in a discreet box; FSA-eligible in the U.S.; Product packaging might differ from image revealed

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Here are some more information on Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum Absorbency.
Size: X-Large (48 Count) Very soft, yet strong, Depend FIT-FLEX Women s Incontinence Underwear supplies Your Finest Convenience and Defense Ensured. * Including a stunning blush color and 3 womanly styles, this disposable underwear is perfect for bladder incontinence. Absorbent product quickly secures moisture and smells, assisting to keep you dry and stress-free. A comfy, underwear-like fit – the SureFit waistband assists keep the briefs in location and the form-fitting flexible hairs offer a discreet fit under clothes, unlike large adult diapers. Odorless incontinence or postpartum underwear is latex-free, lotion-free and fragrance-free. Underwear is soft, peaceful and breathable. Depend FIT-FLEX for Women in Maximum Absorbency is readily available in 4 sizes – size little (24-30 inch waist), size medium (31-37 inch waist), size big (38-44 inch waist) and size extra-large (45-64 inch waist). Depend adult incontinence provides constantly ship in a discreet box and are FSA-eligible in the U.S. Product packaging might differ from images revealed. * If you’re not totally pleased with the fit of your Depend, we can assist. Purchase by 3/1/21. Mail in by 3/15/21. Online gain access to needed. Limitation 1 per home. Initial receipt/UPC needed. Limitations use. See Depend site for information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum Absorbency.

Question Question 1

We Are Size 6 Underwear And Yxl. We Are 105 Pounds. Size Little Would Fit?

we needed to find XS or Youth. we are 135 pounds & size 5 underwear. Size 6-7 trousers. The smalls were rather huge onme. Waist showed up method above stubborn belly button & legs gapped triggering dripping down our leg??

Question Question 2

Do Depends Can Be Found In Xxl Size?

yes they do be available in XXL.had to go to Meijers to get themfor some factor. does not appear to bring them.

Question Question 3

We Wished To Enlist For Prime With Our Payment Originating From Our Bank Account, However We Don’T Know How. Please Recommend.?

Ask your bank how to set that up.we have a Prime shop card.we simply browse the web and pay it with our financial obligation card.

Question Question 4

Will This Secure Versus Bowel Mishaps?

our relative has this issue and the response is yes, a minimum of 95 % of the time. The response uses to both difficult and loose stools.

Question Question 5

What Is The Weight Capability Fir These 200 Pound?

Hey There Mayra, our S/M size can work for in between 115 – 190 pounds. We advise attempting a size Big which ought to work for 170 – 260 pounds. Thanks for your question.

Question Question 6

Can We Utilize Long Pads With These Briefs?

Hi Mea, It depends upon your absorbency requires. The underwear deals more defense than the pads. You would need to alter them like you would a set of routine underwear. We hope this assists, thanks for your question.

Question Question 7

What Is The Weight Capability Fir These 200 Pound?

ourwife is close to 200 pounds. and they fit her without any issue. we believe it’s more a case of body measurement rather than weight.

Question Question 8

Do Depends Originate From Grandepartment.Com?

Hi Paula. These Depend Fit-Flex Underwear for Women are offered and delivered Thanks, and we hope this assists.

Question Question 9

Where Our Things? We Did Not Get This Order.?

You require to question the shipping order and place.

Question Question 10

What Sizes Do Depends Can Be Found In?

Hey There S. Jacobson, our Depend Fit-Flex Underwear been available in sizes Small/Medium, Big, and Bonus Big. Thanks for your question.

Question Question 11

How Can You Price Quote Size?

Order based upon waist size. S/M28 -40 inch; L 38-50inch. our bride-to-be uses both sizes depending upon how puffed up she feels. Both sizes work. Extremely absorbent, never ever any leak. wls

Question Question 12

Do They Stop Leg Leak?

yes, it is a fantastic product.

Question Question 13

Can These Be Used Swimming?

Nancy. You might swim with these on, however it will not secure you from incontinence when you remain in the water considering that the product is suggested for a one-time usage to take in liquid. Thank you, and we hope this assists.

Question Question 14

How Does One Determine Size?

by weight.i use little medium.has tabs on side which can be utilized to changesome i weigh 144 and we are 5ft 2.5 inches

Question Question 15

Do These Control The Smell From Urine?

KCG. Yes, our Depend Fit-Flex Underwear is made with an Absorb-Loc Core, which rapidly locks away moisture and reduces the effects of smells. Thank you, and we hope this assists.

Question Question 16

Is Beige Shipster Available? Or Just Blush Short Fit?

Fits like underpants on me

Question Question 17

Are Depends Latex Free?

Bundle does not make reference of latex at all.

Question Question 18

We Have Issue Of Big Gushes. Been Utilizing Night Defense Maximum And We Need To Being in A Chair Rushing To The Restroom. It Drips Puddles. What Do We Do?

We’re dissatisfied to become aware of this, Lisa, since we constantly desire you to feel secured when utilizing ourDepend Underwear What you’re explaining isn’t a sign of our high quality requirements, and we want to assist you. Please call us at 1-877-413-3736 Monday — Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT when you have a minute s We’re dissatisfied to become aware of this, Lisa, since we constantly desire you to feel secured when utilizing ourDepend Underwear What you’re explaining isn’t a sign of our high quality requirements, and we want to assist you. Please call us at 1-877-413-3736 Monday — Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT when you have a minute so that we can find out more about your experience. Thanks, and we eagerly anticipate consulting with you quickly.

Question Question 19

We Are Looking For Usn Sizes Not Female. Please Assist United States.?

They mention if they are for usn or women,

Question Question 20

What Is The Weight For A Little?

The size S varieties for Depend Fit-Flex underwear for women are: waist 24-30″; pant size 0-8; weight variety 115-190 pounds. We hope this assists.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women, Disposable, Maximum Absorbency, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We utilized to buy this for our mommy, she is with the lord understand however we have actually got to state these diapers are truly excellent, they hold a great deal of pee, as a matter of reality we utilize them when we have a cold and coughing or sneazing like insane (yep, if you are lady who have actually had kids, at specific age you can’t holding it while coughing or sneazing difficult) and they work like an appeal:-RRB-.

We are so unfortunate with the unfavorable evaluations since we personally liked these and believed it was method better than the thick constantly disposable underwears. We utilized it after we just recently delivered 3 weeks earlier and it was thick adequate however so comfy and it likewise extended and it remained on and didn’t get loose on the waist after using all of it day like the others did. We will absolutely be acquiring more for the remainder of the weeks to come for our postpartum healing.

Ok we are back on chemo so back to protective underwears as anybody who has actually been on chemo can vouch for. The medication does a number on bowel and bladder occassionally. Well we have actually attempted numerous brand names and designs within the brand names. Up until now the fit-flex is our preferred for convenience, absorbency and fit. We even attempted the brand-new shape and choose the fit-flex over them. It is likewise a much better worth.

These are for our 97 year old mommy. It took some encouraging to get her to use however she lastly is on board. It’s good that they look more like panties than diapers. She states they are comfy. We looked around and these are the very best cost. We purchase a minimum of 4 bundles at a time so she does not get captured short.’s quick shipment to the house is fantastic.

The worth for cash 4 vs. A 5 star is exclusively based upon the reality that we have not compaired comparable amount nor qualityproducts We have actually utilized, they are light, in shape completely, and like their absorbency. Many of all, it’s such a relief to understand that when we cough, sneeze, or laugh, we will never ever once again suffer an awkward public minute. Extremely comfy, particularly around the leg tops, & crotch. Considering that much clothing is made far smaller sized overseas, than our american products, acquired a box of xl. Pals of mine attempted a few, (our pals vary from xl, 1x, 2x, & 3x), and t too, were delighted, since they all were comfy. As soon as utilized, these bundle really small, to discard them to the garbage – we roll them firmly and cover the elastic sides, two times around, and they virtually suit our fist. This is simply what we required.

We utilized these depends for our postpartum healing from giving birth. Everybody constantly states to “steal the mesh panties” from the medical facility since they are so useful. These worked out beyond the convenience and absorbency of the medical facility underwear. These were ideal for daily where when we were recuperating and assisted not just with the bleeding, however with the momentary incontinence caused by giving birth.

We order these each month for our sis who is incontinent. The brand-new little size is a much better fit for her (92 pounds) than the small/medium size we needed to buy in the past.

Attempted most all of comparable products however depends fit the very best, comfy, absorbency & among just 2 we have actually attempted that do not itch or aggravate our skin although used everyday for over a year. The flex-fit truly does make them even better than they were in the past. Another truly fantastic element of depends is that you do not have all that additional panty bulk as in the other brand names we have actually attempted. Depends are as close as you will get to seeming like you are using routine panties. Extremely safe protected defense day after day.

We got these for postpartum care after checking out great deals of blog sites that suggested them. We are so happy we did. Nobody alerted us incontinence prevailed after delivering (we purchased them for bleeding however that wasn t even our concern.) these are truly comfy and absorbent. Truthfully even better than the huge pads from the medical facility. Extremely advise. (we generally use a 2x in trousers and got the xl, they fit fantastic and would absolutely fit as much as 3x or 4x).

We have actually been utilizing this brand name for our mom for the previous 2 years. We need to purchase it online since it s difficult to find little size at shops near me. They generally have in stock s/m size however it is too huge for her. Simply little works well. We need to state that it holds urine in well. We ve had little mishap problems. And when there have actually been it s since she s ill with diarrhea. And even with that, it exceptionally holds a fair bit. Our mom is little. 4 6 and just 110 pounds so it works well for her. If there is any grievance, we would state that the tear away sides are not constantly simple to tear with some kind of scissors however we expect if they were simple to tear it would simply trigger more issues. We are quite pleased with this brand name.

This was among our finest purchases we made to assist us with our postpartum health. A lot better than utilizing maxi pads and fit together underwear.

We had a membership to provide this product and another to be provided every 2 months. The last shipment was april 19. When we attempted to include a 3rd product, we got the other product and the brand-new product on june 24, however this product was not provided at all. Obviously, the other product was replaced for this product, rather of delivering 3 products at the very same time.

We required our relative to attempt them out simply when. Now, she enjoys them. After numerous bouts with chemo and radiation treatments over several years it has actually left her pipes tough to manage. Not any longer. She informs us these specific panties have actually altered her life for the very best. Specifically when she wishes to go to films or other functions that makes it more tough to simply get up and go.

We attempted numerous kinds of incontinence underwear and find this design of depends to be ideal for us. Usually, upon getting up in the early morning, we are unable to get to the restroom in time. This underwear conserves our bedding and our night clothing. It totally soaks up liquid without losing even a drop. Extremely advise.

We have actually purchased these numerous times. Both as big orders and in the smaller sized bundles. This last order didn’t featured any which had the styles on them, just a single dot on the back. Attempted to get our mommy (who these were for) to comprehend why her ‘quite’ panties no longer looked the method she liked. We hope this next batch is as promoted.

Just product we utilize is depends does all it declares really gooddelivery exceptional.

We like the trousers concept and the benefit of sizes. The only thing that we found was the hassle of needing to get undressed in order to get the trousers off. In some cases we did experience of leak on the sides.

This is the 2nd order we purchased. The very first ones we observed the cushioning on the left side wasn’t as near to the edge as the ideal side by 1/2 inch. We believed it was simply that batch and purchased once again. Upon inspecting it’s the very same. By not having the cushioning going as far over, it often triggers leakages.

Comfy and they fit.

We have actually needed to utilize these considering that we have had numerous strokes and a few other health issue. Can t go to the restroom as we when did. So these assist us make it through the day.

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