Bard Medical 004053 Cunningham Clamp

Bard Medical 004053 Cunningham Clamp, Regular

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  • 2″ length
  • Sold as each
  • Easy to Use

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Size: 2 inchesProduct DescriptionUsed to manage tension incontinence or dribbling of urine. Constructed of soft sponge rubber and can be gotten used to fit comfortably.Manufacturer Contact Information800-367-2273

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Given That This Product Has Metal, Will It Pass A Security Checkpoint?

we have actually had mine about 3 years now.Have never ever had an issue with airport security.

Question Question 2

What Is The Design Number?

on package it’s writtenC.R. BardInside package there is a number BMYKF001 on among the side of package there was a sticker labels, i eliminated it we found 2 numbers initially one is+ H3020040530Wthe 2nd number is+$$ 9000017BMYKFOO1WD

Question Question 3

Where Is This Made/Manufactured?

The info in the Bard container box states: Dispersed: by C. R. Bard, Inc.Covington, Ga 30014. It does not discuss where it is made.Frank Higgins

Question Question 4

Can This Be Used During The Night?

we make certain you can use this during the night however we definitely would not. When the desire to urinate pertains to you, you require to do it since if you do not, you will begin dripping. Besides, it would be really uneasy during the night; a minimum of it would be to me; and if by possibility it must come off, you would end up with a genuine mess.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Delivered Beyond The United States?

do not understand however do not see why not.

Question Question 6

Can We Use This In A Swmimming Swimming pool?

Yes no issue, we use my own throughout the day however take it off when we go to sleep.

Question Question 7

We Purchased This Product A Year Ago And The Rubber Was Harmed. Do You Offer The Tires To Modification It? Or Do We Need to Buy The New Gadget?

The clamp lasts about 4 months. The 4 we have actually acquired so far have actually been best– no damage at all.

Our Insights:

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We lastly have our life back. We had our prostate gotten rid of in april of 2009 and dripped from that day on. Our urologist has actually informed us that we can have an implant (urinary sphincter) put in that can manage the dripping however it needs an operation. You wait 4 weeks then return to the medical professional and he will trigger it. We check out in a study that there is a possibility that the gadget might not trigger and we think now you would be taking a look at another operation. This isn’t for us. We utilize to go through usually 7 pads a day. Now we can utilize 1 pad throughout the day. This can conserve you cash utilizing this gadget. After you put the clamp in location you can practically forget it. When placed on right there is no discomfort at all. You would believe there would be. If you do have some discomfort or inflammation (which we do every now and then) simply go and adjust it. As in the guidelines do not use it to bed during the night. We have actually been utilizing this product for practically a year. We have 3 clamps now and turn them every night. Makes them last longer. To us they deserve every cent. It likewise conserves you the shame of having a pad start dripping and you wind up with a huge damp area.

We have bad sphincter control due to a genetic back issue, and these clamps have actually been life savers. We have actually attempted practically every product offered, and these are our leading option. The lock system is such that you tighten it with a discreet capture right through your trousers– not possible with clamps utilizing velcro or rubber bands. It remains in location thanks to the foam cushioning (other clamp styles do not, ime). Both the leading and bottom jaws can be formed for convenience, and if you have actually fitted it thoroughly, it can be securely used over night. There are some disadvantages: the latex (?) cover get’s a bit longer with every cleaning, the foam breaks down in time so it needs to be tightened up more for the exact same degree of defense. The metal core suggests it triggers metal detectors. The pointy clasp can poke you if you’re not cautious. And just like all such products, it can trigger skin sores if you use it too securely, permit the penis to flex around it too securely, or if it’s getting filthy or old. We do want the baird business would make some enhancements: a metal that does not respond to detectors, some sort of finishing over the foam to make it more washable, a better cover product that does not broaden completely whenever it gets damp, and a clasp without pointy ends would make it even better.

Requirements detailed guidelines for usage. Recommendations – flex the leading and bottom somewhat so there is a little space (about 3/16″) just in the middle when you close it to the first notch. Mark the location of the bottom ” bump” on the leading with a long-term marker to make it much easier to line-up. Wrap yourself with a layer of tissue simply where the clamp contacts you. Utilize the lightest pressure required to manage your leak. Open it every chance you need to permit some blood circulation. Do not use it any longer than you require to.

This is a really comfy clamp. We have actually had incontinence for 26 years. We have actually utilized every clamp that has actually been made. Dr jackson’s j-clamp is the very best ever made, however he stopped making them, why, we do not understand. There is no patent on this gadget. Someone needs to make and offer it on. The cunningham clamp can be made to be water evidence. Get white duck tape and thoroughly cover both sides of clamp with the tape- do not reduce the foam rubber. If you do this right, you will have a clamp that will last a year, and it is hygienic ie the foam rubber will not get taken in urine.

This is our 3rd cunningham clamp for that reason we need to like them. Upon purchasing our very first one we checked out the evaluations on forming the clamp so it would be comfy and it was simple. You put on t wish to tight. We play a great deal of golf and flexing doing lawn work so we require this as we didn’t wish to be humiliated with damp crotch. If you consume beer be towering above the commode when you launch it. All the best.

Functions excellent for designated usage.

It appears like a middle ages abuse gadget, however it works well and is relatively comfy. The foam cushion should to be washed and dried from time to time since it begins to smell like urine.

Functions excellent. Dream we had it years earlier.

Functions without issues. Easy to clean up. Utilize it at the health club when raising much heavier weights.

Functions excellent. 2 years utilizing. 3 surgical treatment turning up.

It actually works, really comfy to use.

It works as marketed, and got here quickly. Excellent product.

These bottles are excellent for the rate. Not genuine strong, however best for house usage. The strap on the cover is great.

It is a incontinence clamp, utilized for stopping the leak in the penis. It works great, no problems. Frank higgins.

Worked well, however experience burning-type pain on the idea after 20 minutes or two – even with vaseline.

Functions better than weisner clip.

Exceptional product. Third we are purchasing. The 3i nch is much more comfy than the 2inch we had actually purchased – require a penis size chartafter all these years we do want they would make closure system more resilient & user friendlymaintenance of foam pad guidelines require to be more particular – especially if you have actually needed to apppky a cream or lotion to the penis or nearby genitaliaotherwise tops in convenience & extended wear.

As anticipated.

Might be a little smaller sized.

It does supply some assistance, however can be uneasy.

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