Bard 18" Latex Extension Tubing

Bard 18″ Latex Extension Tubing

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Bard Leg Bag Extension Tubing is utilized to link the catheter with the leg bag. It is recyclable and latex.

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Question Question 1

Is There A Clear Version Of This Tubing?

Here is a link to a clear version. https://www. .com/dp/B000QFEXAM MARK MEDICAL

Question Question 2

What French Size Is The Connector And The End?

The end supports many French sizes because it tapers. we use French 16 and it connects well. Take care to not grasp the end where the white plastic enters the tubing. The plastic there is very thin and cracks easily and will leak.

Question Question 3

Would This Attach A Urinary Leg Bag To An Overnight Drainage Bag?

i don’t think so. The lower connection on the leg bag we have would not fit the connection on the overnight drainage bag.

Question Question 4

We Still Required Among These Tubes If We Order From You Once Again Will It Be The Correct Latex Tube This Time? Has Not Been The Last 2 Times We Bought?

These tubes are latex.we have actually utilized them to extend the length of a bigger night bag that drains pipes into a 2 gallon plastic container overnight.we hope that answers your question

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Simply what we have actually been searching for for our child.

This tube is versatile and simple to utilize.

As explained. They even included a few in totally free for late shipping.

Perfect size for leg drain bags. Simply cut to the ideal size and push on to utilize.

Gets the job done.

Our grandpa required an extension for his catheter. Worked completely.

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