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Always Discreet, Incontinence Liners for Women, Very Light, Regular Length, 120 Count

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Here are a few main benefits of Always Discreet, Incontinence Liners for Women, Very Light, Regular Length, 120 Count.

  • Always Discreet liners for bladder leakages – soak up 2X more than the prominent duration liner
  • Absorbent incontinence panty liners that always deliver inconspicuously
  • RapidDry core turns liquid to gel, locking away dampness and smells so you can feel fresh
  • Extraordinary bladder leakage security in a thin and versatile, lightly-scented pantiliner
  • Special OdorLock Innovation reduce the effects of smells immediately and constantly to get you through the day with grace

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Get bladder leakage security you can depend upon with Always DiscreetLiners These extremely absorbent liners have a RapidDry core that turns liquid to gel to assist lock away bladder leakages and smells in seconds. With their thin style, you ll have the ability to stroll with grace while keeping your incontinence security discreet. Directions- To Utilize- Eliminate liner from non reusable wrapper, use liner to underclothing. To Get rid of: Eliminate liner from underclothing, cover in non reusable wrapper, include garbage. Do not toss liner in toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Always Discreet, Incontinence Liners for Women, Very Light, Regular Length, 120 Count.

Question Question 1

Are # 1 Available?

we do not understand.

Question Question 2

Is The Pad Regular Length?

Unsure what you suggest “regular,” however the pad security is 6″ long.Very thin and lightweight.Just perfect for light days menstrual or slight bladder leaks.And it does what it claims – wicks the moisture away from the top of the pad.

Question Question 3

Is This Liner Thin ?

Yes, they are thin and flexible for light bladder leaks.

Question Question 4

What Happened To The #3 Light Liners .?

Our only 3 droplet liner went through a name change recently and are now called our Always Discreet Light Pads. There weren’t any other changes so you’ll get the same, great fit and level of protection.

Question Question 5

What Are The Dimentions Of This Product ?

The actual pad (not including the adhesive border) for Always Discreet regular measures about 6 1/2 x 2 inches.The pad for the Always Discreet ” Long” size is a little larger — about 7 3/4by 2 1/2 inches.Even though we are small woman (about 5 feet and 110 pounds) either size is comfortable for us.

Question Question 6

We Have Been Searching For Always Discreet # 3 In The Red Package. Have Been Several Places With No Luck. Have You Stopped Making That One? If Not Then?

sorry do not use this one

Question Question 7

How The H Do You Keep These On? There S No Stick On, They Fall Off Every Time We Use The Bathroom. They Would Be Perfect If They Ever Stayed On.?

The pad has a liner on the back side. Just peel the liner off and the adhesive will stick very well.

Question Question 8

How Much Difference Is Between #2 Regular And Long Length?

we assume mine are #2 regular (not in the package) and measures 7.5 over all length. (Adhesive starts in a bit.)

Question Question 9

Is The Discreet #4 Long No Longer Available ?

If you are asking about Discreet with 4 drops in a long length, please look at all the Always Discreet pad especially overnight or maxi; they have 4 drops or more, Good luck, we hope this helps you.

Question Question 10

Wish To Contribute To Month-to-month Membership?

Bundle stated it was additional long however when we got them the were short. Not what we purchased.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Always Discreet, Incontinence Liners for Women, Very Light, Regular Length, 120 Count, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We are grace lady of 15 years now after the birth of our kid. In our search for grace on it revealed an exceptionally more economical always, we offered it a shot and we are so delighted we did. When the discreet bundle arrived we opened it and immediately was sorry for purchasing them. The pad is so thin and we might quickly roll an unopened one in our hand, with our previous brand name they are lot firmer and not as thin. We had no option however to use this very thin pad. We went through our day chuckling and sneezing and didn’t smell the old pee odor that our previous brand name offers me. At the end of our work day we didn’t feel it lot up and move like our previous brand name. We then had the mom of all sneezes, you understand the ones, the we are going to pee through our pad and through our underclothing and through our trousers type of sneeze. We went to the restroom and was totally and entirely stunned that not one drop dripped out, the pad was still in location. We might see it captured the complete day of chuckling and sneezing and likewise captured the mom of all sneezes. Our previous pad would have come reversed from the adhesive and been drifting around in our drenched underclothing by now. When we eliminated it, it was heavy, we might not roll it up since it was so complete and we didn’t wish to run the risk of a rupture, we covered it and discarded it and positioned a brand-new one. We made fun of the idea that we had actually been sorry for the purchase prior to attempting them out, believing they would be too lightweight and wouldn t hold a work day with just 2 restroom breaks. We were so incorrect to evaluate them by look. We now understand that the lightweight feel of the pad contours to our body instead of our previous brand name which is company. And the thinness of the pad has extremely powers to take in and maintain all our laugh leakages and sneeze bursts. We must likewise let you all understand that we require a long liner and these are regular length. We are still surprised that we had the ability to utilize a regular length and not have one leakage. Our previous brand name of long length we suffered lots of leakages and had the foul-smelling pad drifting around in our underclothing after a big sneeze. One time the pad fell out onto the restroom flooring when we pulled our trousers down, we were mortified and believed all pads did that. However not these, these remain in location and hold a lot liquid, and without the pee odor. We will look for always long length to buy next time, however if we wear t find the long length we will buy these regular length once again since we are positive they work and will not provide us any humiliating leakages. As for the aroma of the liner, we didn’t observe any aroma when we opened it, we can t utilize fragrant liners since we always have a response to them. These were not fragrant in anything extremely effective, however they did avoid the infamous stagnant pee odor that our other liners would release. We would not call them fragrant, we would state they reduce the effects of any unwanted odor. We extremely suggestthese We can lastly laugh actually tough and laugh long with our hubby and buddies and we are no longer excusing ourself from the space to go to the restroom to alter our pee pad throughout celebrations, they have actually provided us back our life, thank you.

After utilizing panty liners for years, these are incredible on the other hand. These are the tiniest ones, since we do not have ‘accidents’ every day, and when we do it’s very, very little bit. Make certain you select the right size. They totally reduce the effects of any smell, which is terrific. Likewise, the pad is a little curved, rather of absolutely flat like a regular liner. Likewise, the private wrapper does not look any various than regular panty liner wrapper – since let’s all confess that we want to keep our ‘problem’ personal, even from buddies. Neither the external or inner product packaging have actually bladder control composed in big, apparent font style. It’s why we will not buy other brand names. Bonus offer function – when it strikes 100 °+ in summertime, you need not fret about sweating. It’s taken in. Absolutely get these:-RRB-.

They are little smaller sized than we believed they would be. They do have longer ones so we purchased those this time. They work well & always feel dry to the touch. They tend to “stick” to us a bit after using a while. Still works splendidly enough that we do not let that prevent us from using them though.

The size is great for daily usage. More than a thin-ply pantyliner, however smaller sized than a pad. Better absorption than menstrual pads/liners. Will buy once again.

We have actually had 4 kids and no quantity of kegals appears to stop a sneeze or cough from us dripping a bit. These resemble not even there and we feel fresh the while day.

We use these liners and they are our preferred. There not too long or too thick. We use them since we had significant surgical treatment and our bladder appears to be weak because numerous mesh stomach mesh replacements. Anyways we utilize them daily.

Began utilizing these for usnstruation not incontinence. No dripping despite the fact that they are very thin. Great for discretely putting in pocket. Just thing for enhancement would be wings.

These are terrific for the old woman like us who has a little incontinent on event. Perfect size and density for us.

We have 3 canines. 2 ladies and ‘the kid’. We utilize the incontinence liners for his dog diaper. Keeps him safeguarded from the dampness and keeps our house safeguarded from him. It is an entire brand-new world. Thank you.

We are very conscious any womanly product and these do not trouble us in any method as long as we keep the adhesive part on our underclothing and far from our skin. An excellent product and practical bulk bundle. Thank you.

We have actually attempted them all and these outrank them all without a doubt, they remain where they are expect to and keep you dry and this is a fantastic deal.

Our preferred liners. We like the aroma on them. It works well for us. They’re not unpleasant in any method. We seem like these liners are well worth the cost.

Would extremely suggest this product to any women has leak as it features age for everybody are usage these everyday and we never ever have leakages at all and have no concerns.

We utilized to just get the grace liners however they’re too pricey so we attemptedthese They work simply as well and do not lot up or leakage. Plus, there’s a lot more consisted of in the bundle.

High quality and expenses less than other called brand name.

The adhesive tape is great on cotton garments just. Some polyester products can not hold it still.

Fantastic for that simply in case moment.:-RRB-.

Can not live without them. Excellent quality product????.

We were tired of looking for this specific liner. You can do the one a day mathematics. Functions well, with occassional incontinence there is no smell or damp sensation. Easy to use.

Is not fragrant so it does not aggravate us like grace.

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