Acvioo Kegel Ball for Tightening, Doctor Recommended 360 Flexible Kegel Exercise Weights

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Acvioo Kegel Ball for Tightening, Doctor Recommended 360 Flexible Kegel Exercise Weights.

  • Regain Confident: Pregnancy is difficult enough. Kegel balls can help new mother regain confident by recover your body as its former beauty and keep away from those uncomfortable urinary incontinence pads.
  • Quick Result: Ben wa ball training 15 minutes per day, 2 weeks later you will have stronger and tighter pelvic floor muscles for improved bladder control.
  • Food Grade Silicone and Skin Friendly: Our kegel exercise weights kit is made by medical grade silicone for the highest level of hygiene and durability.
  • Doctor Recommended: 3 kegel balls for tightening with 10 trainning about 1-2 months will be good for recovery.
  • 33 Feet Range and Private Package: the range about 33 feet and all item shipped to you with discreet package, nobody knows you what you get.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Acvioo Kegel Ball for Tightening, Doctor Recommended 360 Flexible Kegel Exercise Weights.Color:Rose RedEverything You Need To Build Up Kegel Ball For Better Life.Strengthening your pelvic floor through Kegel exercises has many benefits, including improving the frequency and intensity of muscle Stronger muscles also fight incontinence naturally.Add Kegel ball To Your Routine. Consider it a conversation with your own body use the included Multi-Speed kegel ball whenever you feel the desire.If you’re a woman who regain confident, then you can’t go wrong with the Acvioo Kegel Kit in your bedroom. too.Warranty 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 12-Month Replacement Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Acvioo Kegel Ball for Tightening, Doctor Recommended 360 Flexible Kegel Exercise Weights.

Question Question 1

How To Clean And Storage Them?

Clean kegel balls by warm water with a mild soap.Pat them with clean towel.Let them dry in the air then store them in the storage pouch.

Question Question 2

Do You Use Them While Seated Or Walk Around With Them In?

If have trouble keeping the kegel ball, recommended to sit with them. If feel comfortable when stand, you can walk around with them.

Question Question 3

How Far Do You Put Them In?

Put ben wa ball in until you feel comfortable,and be sure the string hanging out enough for you to pull the balls out-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Acvioo Kegel Ball for Tightening, Doctor Recommended 360 Flexible Kegel Exercise Weights, these might be useful for better understanding.

We purchased these after our urologist suggested some to help strengthen our pelvic floor. This set comes with 3 different kinds. One small one that kinda rocks around internally, one bigger heavier one, and one that vibrates. The vibrating one has a remote control and also came with a charging cable. All the the ben wa balls are made of smooth silky silicone. They are bright pink. The silicone is sturdy and each ball has a silicone loop to aid with removal. This set is perfect for the beginner.

The weight balls have us feeling like a brand new virgin after giving birth vaginal we to a set of twins . And that’s just the weight balls. Remote control vibrating massager with a remote is amazing . We can be a little extreme so we personally love the powerful settings . It is strong to be so small. Very pleased with this purchase.

We are really happy with these. Materials: we have gotten toys off of before that were advertised as silicone but very clearly were not. This one is genuine. There aren’t any rough spots or seams, so it’s very comfortable. Build: at first we were a bit worried about the pulls on each ball tearing, but after testing it, it seems really strong. The graduated sizes and weights of each are also a really nice touch, so you can choose what works best for you. Performance: the largest size (which is actually the second heaviest) is able to vibrate if you want to try that. The cord that comes in this set is to charge it. There are lot of different vibration levels to go through, which we appreciate. This one can be controlled with a remote, which is handy seeing as the on button is on a part of the product that’s insertable, so not easy to reach otherwise. Packaging: came in discrete packaging and is housed in a sturdy black box with the company’s name on it. Overall, we definitely recommend this toy, and bombex’s customer service is wonderful ??.

Nice smooth, sleek design. Easy to use, was not disappointed at all. It’s nice to have the 3 different levels so that you don’t over exert your pelvic floor muscles. We are excited to feel the results a month out. We can already tell a difference just from using them for a few days.

We have been doing kegel exercises for a few months and we just found this and we have to say we are impressed, 1 week using it and we feel the difference. We think all woman should try this kind of exercise because it helps to improve your sexual life.

These have a very soft texture to them and are easy to clean. They come with detailed instructions on a whole program to do over several weeks, which we haven’t done so we can’t attest to whether they make much of a difference there. The remote control is pretty simple and was able to change settings while in use with no issues. There are bunch of vibration patterns. It’s pretty powerful.

We were happy to receive our kegel ballswe like the quality of it. We have tried it for a week so far and it s great. The only thing it didn’t come with instructions so we had to play with it a little to better work with it. But over all it s a great product.

These silicone kegel balls are great. There are three weights and the largest has the ability to be turned on. We love that. Charging the largest size is easy and uses a very common charger. The “strings” at the end are perfect and allow them to come out easily. The remote is also easy to use. These are waterproof, so cleaning them is very easy. All in all, these are great. We can’t wait to keep using them.

We have really got to hand it to them it came in two days we were so surprised to get it so quick. We have been looking into getting a kegel ball for a while and when we came across this one we knew it d be the perfect fit, pun intended. Really easy to use, very comfortable and so many different vibrations and you can use the remote for easier access. We feel like we have already noticed a difference and it was an easy transition to the next size. Very comfortable so you can even walk around the house or possibly do light exercise while wearing. We highly recommend and now our friends want to order it too.

We absolutely love the feel of this product, it is so soft and feels like skin. The fact that the kegel balls comes with various size weights we liked also, there s 3 different sizes. The remote control is so easy to use and the kegel balls themselves are so simple to clean. Would recommend to anyone looking to tighten.

Works better than intended, we believe. The remote is very weak though.

The material is so smooth. Each ball is easy to use and priced great for a daily use and strengthen of your lower regions. Your partner will thank you. Then the one for a little personal fun. The remote is super simple and easy to hide on a keychain for some little public fun.

Nice smooth. Easy to use, was not disappointed at all. They came very fast and the quality is very good we do recommend. Our relative really enjoyed the vibrating kegal ball it hits the spot if you are in the market for kegal the quality is very soft.

These kegel exercise balls are great. The multiple sizes make it easy to increase your pelvic floor strength and feel amazing too. Made of soft silicone, with a nice weight to each of them, we highly reccommend trying these out.

This is a nice set of kegel balls. The material is high quality and each step is weighted more to increase muscle strength. We would recommend these highly.

We love this product. The weights are great for beginners, and the vibrating one is a lot of fun. The remote worked fine. The only thing is that you have to be extra diligent to clean these toys in the crevices. Otherwise we love this product.

So this set is great, comes with 3 different sizes for strengthening. The middle one has nice massage settings with a remote control and is rechargeable.

This product is amazing. We have only used the level 1 ball 4 times and there s already a major difference in tightness. Highly recommend.

They feel very comfortable and the tightening is real. Lol.

These are so awesome. Definitely work.

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